Outrageous Culinary Creations for 2018 PNE Fair

It wouldn’t be a Fair without some of Western Canada’s most outrageous and unbelievable culinary creations, and this year’s wild food lineup is no exception. Get ready to loosen your belt and treat your tongue to some sweet, some savoury, some salty and sour, all for one year only, as the Fair at the PNE returns August 18th to September 3rd .

In addition to all the Fair classics that are set to return this year, keep an eye out for insane items like Cricket Caramel Apples, a twist on a Fair classic, which mixes sustainable eating with an iconic snack! Our Caramel Apple is rolled in salty, oven-roasted Entomo Farm crickets to create a sweet and salty delight that will add a bit of crunch for the courageous.

Looking to stay cool this Fair? A modern take on ice cream, Smoking Charcoal Soft Serve will cool you down in the hot summer sun. And don’t forget to taste Black Charcoal Pineapple Ice Cream, a twist on the hottest ice cream trend; black charcoal soft serve ice cream served right out of a fresh pineapple! Or check out S’luscious, with boozy slush drinks in a variety of flavours, including Frosé, Lime, Mango, and Dark & Stormy.

What about something a bit more savoury? This year’s lineup of delicious burgers will thrill you to no end. Step back in time to a 1950s diner, courtesy of Gourmet Burgers, to try a Garlic Vanilla Milkshake Burger, or its cousin, the Sweet and Salty Milkshake Burger, covered in rock salts, caramel drizzle and vanilla ice cream.

Well, the magnum opus of the burger world, the Deep-Fried Burger will take the outstanding cheese burger you’ve had at The Fair to its ultimate conclusion. Wrapped in a bread dough and deep fried to a crisp, yet golden brown perfection, this burger will be an explosion of taste and texture – a must try for all fairgoers.

For the chocolate fanatics, Churros Locos introduces Chocolate Dipped Churros, dipped and rolled in your favourite toppings, or Churro Fries, smothered with chocolate and caramel sauce, with marshmallows tossed into the mix, available only at the PNE Marketplace! Triple Chocolate Brownie Milkshakes will make a big splash as they tantalize your taste buds. Fresh homemade brownies crushed and mixed in warm chocolate sauce are layered through a premium hard scoop Vanilla Bean Milkshake.

For the taco fanatic in the family, the PNE’s own brand-new taco stand, Buen Gusto Street Tacos, will be set up outside the Pacific Coliseum, offering Vancouver’s take on the Mexican classic to satisfy your cravings.

Looking for a twist on what Grandma used to make? Perhaps you’d like to take a stab at a gigantic 1 lb. Fair Sized Meatball, oozing with mozzarella and Nonna’s tomato sauce- a true feast for your eyes and your stomach. And for the picky eating kids? Golden fried, all white meat Chicken Parmigiana Strips will be covered in Nonna’s tomato sauce, cheese, and torched to perfection.

Steve O’s Public House is set to return, making one of Canada’s favourite chocolate bars even better, turning the iconic Nestle bar into KitKat Fries. Dipped in a signature batter and deep- fried to a soft, fluffy, and chocolatey perfection while maintaining the famous KitKat crunch, you’ll want to try these again and again and again.

The familiar scent of warm mini donuts returns this year with an even greater variety than ever before, as White Chocolate Cheese Cake Mini Donuts make their debut! Or if you want something a bit fruitier, try a Caramel Fried Pineapple Ring, deep fried and topped with a warm caramel sauce.

Looking to get some vitamins into your system? For those who want a sweet but small snack, there will be the beloved Wat a Melon, straight off the streets of Tokyo. Featuring a watermelon flavoured ice cream snack, served between two slices of watermelon, this is every watermelon lover’s dream come true! And, by popular request, Deep-Fried Strawberries will debut, dipped in funnel cake batter and served with just a hint of powdered sugar.

Last, but certainly not least – what’s a Fair without a corndog? Corndog King will offer, for the first time this year, the Big Pizza Corndog, which is stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, herbs and spices, with a side of pizza sauce. And for dessert? The Red Velvet Corndog will be a sweet, delicious twist on the classic, available only this year!

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