Poll: New Brunswick & Saskatchewan Premiers’ Approval Ratings Plummet in October

The latest Angus Reid poll says the popularity rating of almost all Canadian premiers reduced during the third quarter of 2021 due to various reasons like the fourth wave of COVID-19, pushback over mask and vaccine mandates, or post-COVID anxiety.


Credit: Angus Reid

Canadians have grown significantly less impressed with their provincial leaders since the summer and all but one premier who was in power at the time has seen their respective levels of approval decline.


The only exception to reduced popularity is Ontario’s Doug Ford, whose approval increased by one point, which Angus Reid says is statistically insignificant.


Alberta’s Jason Kenney continues to be among the least approved-of premier among his own constituents. Just one-in-five Albertans approve of Kenney and this is a new low point in his two-year stint as premier.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and New Brunswick’s Blaine Higgs saw their approval crash nearly 20 points in the last quarter, from 61 and 55 per cent then to 43 and 38 per cent now respectively. Both provinces are struggling with rising COVID-19 cases and this appear to be reflected in the approval.

Though their popularity is reducing three premiers enjoy majority-level good opinion. At 56 per cent each, Quebec’s François Legault sees his approval plummet ten points – putting him at the same level as John Horgan in British Columbia (off seven points) and Newfoundland and Labrador’s Andrew Furey whose own approval is down six points from June.


Angus Reid

The popularity rating of PEI premier is not available as Angus Reid has not released the polling data due to “its small population precludes drawing discrete samples over multiple waves.”

More details on the poll.


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