Poll: Alberta & Manitoba Premiers Have the Lowest Rating as Premiers Amid COVID-19

Angus Reid Institute has released the results of premiers’ performance survey that found an increase in most leaders’ approval ratings over the past few months as the provincial leaders across the country deal with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jason Kenney and Brian Pallister have the lowest approval rating as premiers. Blaine Higgs and François Legault enjoy the support of more than 75% of residents of their provinces.


  1. New Brunswick: Blaine Higgs (Progressive Conservative): Four-in-five residents of New Brunswick say they approve of Higgs’ performance, up 32 points from February.
  2. Quebec: François Legault (Coalition Avenir Quebe): Three-quarters (77%) approve of Legault performance this quarter, an increase of 19 points over last quarter.
  3. British Columbia: John Horgan (NDP): Seven-in-ten residents approve of John Horgan. Approval rating went from 46% in February 2020 to 71% in May.
  4. Ontario: Doug Ford (Progressive Conservative): Approval of Doug Ford who has never held majority rating since he was elected went from 31% in February to 69% in May.
  5. Saskatchewan: Scott Moe (Saskatchewan Party): Scott Moe maintains his high approval rating of 65% up 7 points from 58% in February.
  6. Nova Scotia’s Stephen McNeil (Liberal): Stephen McNeil is approved of by 63 per cent of residents
  7. Newfoundland and Labrador’s Dwight Ball (Liberal): Dwight Ball, who had just weeks before the pandemic announced his resignation, is approved of by 57 per cent of N.L.’s residents.
  8. Alberta: Jason Kenney (United Conservative Party): Kenney has an approval of 48 per cent. Kenney’s approval has not worsened as in February only 47% of Albertans had favourable views.
  9. Manitoba: Brian Pallister (Progressive Conservative Party): Even though Manitoba has few active cases and much better managed in terms of reopening of the economy, only 47 per cent Manitobans say he has done a good job up from 43% in February.



Angus Reidhas not released data on Prince Edward Island because of its small population.




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