Report Says Canada’s Passport is Among the 30 Most Powerful



The latest ranking of the world’s most powerful passports puts Canada in the top 30 countries with high mobility and in the group of countries with 5th most powerful passports. A powerful passport means if you hold a passport from that country you are free to travel to many countries without a visa.

According to the Passport Index, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the World Openness Score shrank by 65%.

Many countries like USA, Singapore, United Arab Emirates that enjoyed visa-free access to Europe have lost over 50% of their power, which led to a drop of more than 80 points in their Mobility Scores.

Currently, Canadians can travel visa-free to 87 countries (green in the map below), can get visa-on-arrival at 41 countries (blue), and need a visa for travel to 67 countries (red in the map) which puts Canadian passport in 5th place group.



Canada is in the group with 5th most powerful passport group with Malta, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, and Hungary.

The first-place group has Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, and South Korea, while Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Japan, and New Zealand is in second place.

Most Powerful Passports

  1. Germany (1st Place)
  2. Luxembourg (1st Place)
  3. Spain (1st Place)
  4. South Korea (1st Place)
  5. Sweden (2nd Place)
  6. Portugal (2nd Place)
  7. Austria (2nd Place)
  8. Italy (2nd Place)
  9. Switzerland (2nd Place)
  10. Ireland (2nd Place)
  11. Japan (2nd Place)
  12. New Zealand (2nd Place)
  13. Netherlands (3rd Place)
  14. Belgium (3rd Place)
  15. France (3rd Place)
  16. Finland (3rd Place)
  17. Australia (3rd Place)
  18. Denmark (4th Place)
  19. Slovenia (4th Place)
  20. Poland (4th Place)
  21. Lithuania (4th Place)
  22. Norway (4th Place)
  23. Iceland (4th Place)
  24. United Kingdom (4th Place)
  25. Malta (5th Place)
  26. Czech Republic (5th Place)
  27. Greece (5th Place)
  28. Latvia (5th Place)
  29. Hungary (5th Place)
  30. Canada (5th Place)

The United States is in nineteenth place. Canada was allowed visa-free access to Europe, but today it is reported that Canada is removed from the list due to rising COVID-19 cases. It is not clear how this will affect the rankings.

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