List of Pharmacies in Durham, Hamilton, Ottawa, Windsor-Essex and York Offering Moderna Vaccines to 18+

Ontario government has announced a list of 58 pharmacies that will offer Moderna vaccine to those of ages 18 and above.

The province is also expecting an additional shipment of approximately 388,000 Moderna doses in May.

The pharmacies are located in Durham, Hamilton, Ottawa, Windsor-Essex and York public health regions’ hot spot areas and will start offering vaccines immediately.


Ontario says Moderna vaccine rollout through pharmacies will be expanded further throughout May. Ontario has expanded the pilot project offering Pfizer vaccine through pharmacies to all 18+ population and currently, 78 pharmacies are offering Pfizer vaccines.

Ontarians will have to use individual pharmacies booking systems for appointments.

List of Pharmacies in Ontario that Offer Moderna Vaccines

At the time of publishing, 58 pharmacies are listed on the Ontario website. Ontario says Moderna vaccine rollout through pharmacies will be expanded further throughout May.


  1. Ajax Pharmachoice, 901 Harwood Avenue North, Unit 101, Ajax, L1Z 0T4; Phone number: 905-428-0000
  2. Costco Pharmacy, 150 Kingston Road East, Ajax, ON, L1Z 1E5
  3. Health-Rite Pharmacy, 75 Bayly Street West, Ajax, ON, L1S 7K7
  4. People’s Choice Drug Mart, 1755 Pickering Parkway, Unit A2, Pickering, L1V 6K5, Phone number: 905-686-4400
  5. Rexall, 475 Westney Road North, Unit 17, Ajax, ON, L1T 3H4
  6. Rexall, 1900 Dixie Road, Pickering, ON, L1V 6M4
  7. Rexall, 955 Westney Road South, Unit 7, Ajax, L1S 3K7
  8. Shoppers Drug Mart, 650 Kingston Road, Pickering, L1V 3N7
  9. Shoppers Drug Mart, 15 Westney Road North, Ajax, L1T 1P4, Phone number: 905-426-3355
  10. Superseven Pharmacy, 2200 Brock Road, Unit 15, Pickering, L1X 2R2, Phone number: 905-427-7577


  1. Rexall, 640 Mohawk Road West, Unit 21, Hamilton, ON, L9C 1X6
  2. Sherman IDA Pharmacy, 675 Rymal Road East, Hamilton, L8W 1B5
  3. Shoppers Drug Mart, 661 Upper James Street, Hamilton, L9C 5R8
  4. Stonechurch Pharmacy, 25 Redmond Drive, Unit 3, Hamilton, ON, L8W 3K7


  1. Bridle Path Pharmacy, 4000 Bridle Path Drive, Unit 6, Gloucester, K1T 2C4; Phone number: 613-249-0624
  2. Promed Pharmacy, 2706 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, K1V 7T4, Phone number: 613-680-4343
  3. Rexall, 1725 Walkley Road, Unit C, Ottawa, ON, K1V 2P6
  4. Wal-Mart Pharmacy, 2210 Bank Street, Ottawa, K1V 0Y5
  5. Your Independent Grocer, 2681 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, K1V 7T5

Windsor Essex

  1. Central Drug Mart Pharmachoice, 250 Erie Street South, Leamington, N8H 3C2; Phone number: 519-398-9339
  2. Kingsville IDA Pharmacy, 271 Main Street East, Kingsville, N9Y 1A7
  3. Downtown Windsor Pharmacy, 100 Park Street West, Windsor, ON, N9A 7A5
  4. Neighborhood Drug Store, 493 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor, N9A 3H8, Phone number: 519-903-7272
  5. Novacare Pharmacy, 1275 Walker Road, Windsor, N8Y 4X9, Phone number: 519-946-0303
  6. Shoppers Drug Mart, 500 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, N8X 2S2, Phone number: 519-253-1115
  7. Shoppers Drug Mart, 1675 Wyandotte Street West, Windsor, N9B 1H8, Phone number: 519-253-4477
  8. Shoppers Drug Mart, 4835 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor, N8Y 1H9, Phone number: 519-945-1107
  9. Shoppers Drug Mart, 2670 Tecumseh Road West, Windsor, N9B 3P9
  10. Shoppers Drug Mart, 600 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, N9A 6Z3, Phone number: 519-254-2505
  11. Shoppers Drug Mart, 269 Erie Street South, Leamington, N8H 3C4, Phone number: 519-326-2663
  12. Shoppers Drug Mart, 1760 Huron Church Road, Windsor, N9C 2L4, Phone number: 519-253-5653
  13. Ziter Pharmacy, 2462 Howard Avenue, Suite 108, Windsor, N8X 3V6,Phone number : 519-252-2200
  14. Westside Pharmacy Pharmasave, 1550 Huron Church Road, Windsor, N9C 3Z3, Phone number: 519-252-8511

York Region

  1. Atlas Pharmacy, 1383 16th Avenue, Unit 1A, Richmond Hill, L4B 0E2
  2. Costco Pharamcy, 55 New Huntington Road, Woodbridge, ON, L4H 0P5
  3. Costco Pharmacy, 71 Colossus Drive, Woodbridge, ON, L4L 9J8
  4. Costco Pharmacy, 65 Kirkham Drive, Markham, ON, L3S 0A9
  5. Drugcare Pharmacy, 2563 Major Mackenzie Drive, Unit 10, Maple, L6A 2E8
  6. Fortinos, 8585 Highway 27 RR 3, Woodbridge, ON, L4L 1A7
  7. Galleria Pharmacy, 7040 Yonge Street, Unit E1, Thornhill, ON, L4J 1V7
  8. Hillcroft Pharmacy, 5 Hillcroft Drive, Unit 7, Markham, ON, L3S 1R7
  9. Markham Healthplex Pharmacy, 5995 14th Avenue, Unit A2B, Markham, L3S 0A2
  10. No Frills, 9305 Highway 48, Markham, L6E 0E6, Phone number: 905-294-6512
  11. Pharmacare Medical Group, 13311 Yonge Street, Unit 107, Richmond Hill, L4E 3L6, Phone number: 289-234-4800
  12. Rexall, 90 Copper Creek Drive, Markham, L6B 0P2
  13. Rexall Guardian Markhamack Pharmacy, 9889 Highway 48, Unit 7, Markham, L6E 0B7, Phone number: 905-294-3295
  14. Rutherford Guardian Drugs, 5283 Rutherford Road, Unit 2, Woodbridge, ON, L4H 2T2
  15. Shoppers Drug Mart, 298 John Street, Thornhill, L3T 6M8, Phone number: 905-886-3711
  16. Shoppers Drug Mart, 2920 Major MacKenzie Drive East, Markham, L6C 0G6, Phone number: 905-927-7161
  17. Sobeys Pharmacy, 11700 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, L4E 3N6
  18. St. Mary Pharmacy, 95 Times Avenue, Unit C2, Thornhill, L3T 0A2, Phone number: 905-771-0800
  19. Times Pharmacy, 550 Highway 7 East, Unit 95D, Richmond Hill, L4B 3Z4, Phone number: 905-889-6900
  20. Tuscany Guardian Pharmacy, 9100 Jane Street, Unit 16, Vaughan, L4K 0A4
  21. Venice Pharmacy, 3530 Rutherford Road, Unit 76, Vaughan, L4H 3T8
  22. Wal-Mart Pharmacy, 700 Centre Street, Thornhill, L4J 0A7
  23. Wal-Mart Pharmacy, 500 Copper Creek Drive, Markham, L6B 0S1
  24. Wal-Mart Pharmacy, 670 Applewood Crescent, Vaughan, L4K 0L4
  25. Walmart, 8300 Highway 27, Woodbridge, L4H 0R9, Phone number: 905-851-3894
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