Strength Train with your Pet in Edmonton

imageDid you know that dogs can strength train too? Sit Stay Squat offers unique fitness classes designed to meet the fitness needs of both humans AND their dogs which goes far beyond just walking! It’s something we don’t often think about — but strong muscles, good core control and flexibility is just as important for our dogs as it is for us and following a well designed cross training program helps to ensure that both species are moving optimally and pain free. Sit Stay Squat’s unique cross training program utilizes specialized canine fitness equipment for the dogs; modalities such as the TRX, Kettlebells, Bands and Dumbbells for the humans, as well as plenty of creative bodyweight exercises designed for you and your dog to complete together – strengthening not only your muscles, but that special human-canine bond as well.


Sit Stay Squat classes focus on all 4 cross training elements for both human and canine – Strength, Balance/Core stability, Flexibility & Endurance.

Developing strength and muscle mass improves movement quality, reduces the likelihood of injury, repairs muscular imbalances, increases overall caloric burn, and helps to protect the body’s bones, joints, ligaments and tendons from injury. Canine strength training is similar to human body weight training and involves manipulating the dogs own bodyweight to provide resistance in order to stimulate strength and muscle growth.


Balance training is one of the elements utilized during Sit Stay Squat classes for canine core strengthening as the dogs core muscles must activate to stabilize themselves on an unstable piece of equipment. Balance training also increases the dogs proprioception, bodily coordination and trains the dog to use the correct muscles for movement thereby relieving unnecessary stress off of the spinal discs, hips and joints in turn preventing anything from chronic age related pain to acute ‘slip and fall’ injuries.


For the humans, classes have a focus on advanced core stabilization techniques designed to build strength around the abdomen while teaching proper spinal alignment therefore improving posture and reducing stress throughout the spine and hips.


Sit Stay Squat classes end with a flexibility component for both the dogs and people which helps to decreases muscle tightness and take pressure off of the joints by maintaining healthy surrounding tissues.


Sit Stay Squat classes even have the added bonus of being very mentally stimulating – an often overlooked component in our dogs lifestyles. Like us, dogs get bored and thrive when both their body and mind are able to accomplish different tasks. Implementing new training techniques and exercises provides your dog with the mental stimulation which is known to lower stress, improve impulse control, enhance problem solving ability, and increase their confidence through the fun of succeeding at challenges.
It is extremely rewarding to learn and train with our dogs as a team, and working together in this way has been proven to increase the bond between human and canine!


Indoor Boot Camps are offered at both The Dog House Daycare and The Edmonton Humane Society.
Outdoor sessions are offered at several parks throughout the city – Visit the Website
Or call 780-718-9893
For more details!

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