Theodore TOO Tugboat to Make Ontario His New Home and You Can Follow His Great Lakes Journey From Halifax to Hamilton


Credit: Theodore Too

The Theodore Tugboat was a mainstay in Halifax for 20 years and now it is coming to Ontario.

Built at Snyder’s Shipyard in Dayspring, Nova Scotia in 2020, Theodore TOO, a 65-foot tugboat, is a reproduction of the original TV character Theodore Tugboat from the beloved CBC series “Theodore Tugboat”.


Theodore Tugboat was sold last year by its Halifax owners and the new owner, Blair McKeil, is bringing him to Ontario, specifically to Hamilton.

A 4-person crew set sail from Halifax on June 10th. Theodore TOO is scheduled to arrive in the Port of Hamilton where he will be converted to biodiesel signalling his future efforts as a sustainability champion.

Blair McKeil says Theodore Tugboat will collaborate with one of the nation’s leading water education and conservation advocates, Swim Drink Fish, which will see Theodore TOO play a larger role in promoting several of the organization’s initiatives including its Great Lakes Guide.

Plans are also in the works to have Theodore TOO actively advocate for employment in Canada’s marine and shipbuilding industry in the face of a critical labour shortage through federal and industry-driven revitalization initiatives.

While on its Great Lakes sail from Halifax to Hamilton, one can follow its journey and photographs are welcome when he is on open waters and docked in ports as permitted.

Theodore TOO will not be inviting individuals to board the vessel at various ports of call during his voyage due to COVID-19 restrictions.

You can find him using Vessel Finder and follow Theodore TOO and his crew, on their journey and real-time coordinates.

You can also follow him using hashtags #TheosGreatLakesAdventure and #WheresTheodoreToo.

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    1. Jon Sherwood

      Theodore Tugboat
      Harbour stops to Hamilton,Oshawa,Whitby?

      June 13, 2021 at 6:20 AM
    2. To Do Canada (Listing owner)

      As per the tweets, Kingston is likely. Other stops TBA – “Hearing #YGK Kingston is a likely stopover for @TheodoreTugboat
      before reaching #HamOnt. #1000Islands #WheresTheodoreToo”

      June 13, 2021 at 8:13 AM

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