Travel Around the World Through 25 International Cuisines in Calgary


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We’re bringing the world to you this spring and summer. And we’re bringing it to you with Calgary’s best internationally inspired restaurants and cuisine. Calgary is a beautiful mosaic of cultures and nationalities, and the best/most fun way to get to know these cultures can be through all their different dishes.

Travel the world and try something new like Turkish foods, authentic sushi, Ukrainian perogies, the famous French Beef Tartar, or a huge variety of other cultural delicacies.



Nepalese and Himalayan cuisine includes a delicious combination of curries, naan, paneer, noodle stir-fries, grilled meats, and bountiful vegetables. South Calgary’s Himalayan Cuisine and southeast Calgary’s Taste of Himalayas are two top-rated places to get this delicious in food in Calgary where you can get all of the above, and then some.


Are you in the mood for savoury, sweet, spicy, or comforting? Authentic Filipino dishes can combat all three cravings, and to find the best of those, head to Calgary’s Amihan Grill & Bake Shop; they serve mouth-watering sweets and cakes, as well as an excellent barbeque. You can also try Tambayan where they certainly offer a high level of comfort through their warming meals.


Two of Calgary’s best Italian restaurants allow you to enjoy their cuisine from home in a couple of different ways. Bonterra Trattoria has a full take-out menu full of local ingredients and authentic Italian dishes. Calgary’s East end also has DeMenico’s which offers their pizzas and pastas to go, as well as their handmade sauces (also available at Calgary Co-ops!)


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Right now, you can taste some of the best Chinese food in Calgary while also saving a bit on your bill. Sun Island Eatery in Calgary’s south can offer 12% off all pickup orders and free delivery on orders over $35 (within 5km). This makes enjoying their menu of rice dishes, appetizers, savoury beef dishes, chicken breast dishes, pork, seafood, and all the noodles you could image, all the better!


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Authentic Japanese food can come in many forms: fire-roasted chicken, seafood, sushi, ramen, and plenty of other specialties. Shokunin offers a large selection of chicken, with every edible piece being sold off, other delectable meats, noodles, soup, and a healthy selection of Agemono (meat served breaded and fried), Niku, and Nama (meat served rare). For an authentic sushi experience, Calgary’s Big Catch Sushi Bar where they combine modern technique with the long-standing tradition of Oshi sushi-rolling.


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Korean Street Food

Street food is perfect for so many things: picnics, a quick lunch during work, shopping snacks, and any thing that has you on the go. Calgary’s Korean street food scene continues to grow to bring you tasty convenience. Hankki offer Cupbop options like grilled pork, stir-fried chicken, or vegetable dumplings, along with Korean style hotdogs. Yum Yum BBQ Chicken focuses on the poultry side of things but also offer a flavourful selection of BBQ Burgers, Tuckbokgi, and potato sides.


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For the finer and more savoury French cuisine, place an order with Cassis Bistro. Their take-away menu includes charcuterie, Beef Tartar au Couteau, and delicious meat entrees. For the finer and sweeter French cuisine, place an order with Yann Haute Patisserie. Their take-away menu include treats like macarons, ice cream, and fresh breads/croissants.



Tasty Indian food means flavour, it means spice, and it means rice! But discover more of what Indian food can offer through Calgary’s top-rated Indian restaurants. Karma Fine Indian Cuisine has both a take-home and catering menu meat specialties, fresh-baked breads, seafood, Hakka style food, and delicious Indian desserts, made from scratch. Winner of multiple restaurant awards, including top 100 restaurants in Canada, Calcutta Cricket Club offers spicy dishes from most regions of India.


The tastes of Lebanon can be experienced a few ways in Calgary, so if you have a sweet tooth or a craving for savoury Lebanese, these wickedly good establishments have you covered. At the Beirut Streetfood, you can appease your sweet tooth with a piece of Baklava, Carrot Cake, Coconut Cream Pie, or Kanafi with Ashta. Their savoury street food collection is worth a look as well, and if you’re looking to try more than one Lebanese menu, head to the Beirut Bakery next! Their menu consists of simple components like stacks of freshly baked pitas and handmade dips, as well as full meals like pita pockets, salads, and falafel pockets.


Get a true taste of great Greek food from two of Calgary’s top Greek eateries: Paros Real Greek and Spiros Pizza & Greek Taverna. Both restaurants have their own take on Greek cuisine, but both make an excellent addition to a backyard lunch or dinner, or even a summer picnic. Paros offers a full range of healthy fast-food options like gyros, souvlaki, appetizers, and sides, while Spiros offers a selection of Mediterranean pizzas, pasta entrees, as well as salads and starters.


From these two Calgary restaurants, you can get a taste of authentic and traditional Ethiopian breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant focuses on their entrees, which can come filled with poultry, lamb, seafood, or vegetables only. Geez Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine can help you start your day with a variety of breakfast options like Chechebsa (flat bread braised with Ethiopian style butter and spices), Kinche (cracked wheat cooked with Ethiopian style butter), Dulet (liver, kidney, and tartar meat sauteed with butter), or Quanta Firfir (dried red meat braised and sauteed with onions).

East African

Calgary’s Safari Grill is specifically a taste of Tanzania, and is headed up by a team with tons of experience with East African food. Try dishes such as Mogo, Chipsi, crepes, or their famous ribs. For more variety in your East African food experience, the Luubann East African Restaurant in Calgary’s south offers a savoury menu of salads, soups, and authentic dishes like Somali flatbread, meat and rice dishes, and Sambousas.


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With there being so many great Vietnamese dishes to taste, having them all on one menu makes things convenient. PHI NHUNG is one of Calgary’s highest-rated Vietnamese restaurants through their quality soups, and through their wide array of menu options. Along with their famous Pho, you can also try Banh Mi (a Vietnamese sub-sandwich), stir-fried noodles, or

Middle Eastern

The head chef and baker at the Tasse Bakery has brought some beautiful and decadent Middle Easter foods to Calgary through their Knafeh, a cheesy and flaky pasty. They are also well-known for their Mana’eesh, a freshly baked flatbread with endless cooking possibilities. You can also receive a taste of the Middle East through Shawarma Knight, a restaurant dedicated to serving its international cuisine through locally sourced ingredients.


Authentic and good Mexican feasts are nothing without fresh ingredients, thoughtful cooking, and quality. These two Mexican restaurants in Calgary can offer you all three through their taco, nacho, and burrito menus. Must-tries from Molcajete include their homemade salsas, their fish tacos, and their tortilla chips. Must-tries from ConMi are their take-home taco kits, great for small and large groups.


South Indian Cuisine

South Indian cooking is completely different from North Indian cooking and On two opposite ends of Calgary, you can indulge in these flavourful dishes from either Madras Café in the south, or Chennai Spices in Calgary’s north end. Madras offers a wide selection of starters, Dosas, Uthappams, Biryani, and desserts. The north’s Chennai also offers a wide array of Dosas, along with soups, curry, and rice dishes. If you want more variation, visit Masala Bhavan, which is run by a top-rated Red Seal chef whose culinary creations stem from South Indian and Sri Lankan inspirations and come in a variety of spice levels (the default spice level is mild).


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Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan food can share many similarities with South Indian food, but the menu offerings of the two restaurants below do offer their own unique dishes which showcase the best of Sri Lankan food. Taste of Ceylon offers varieties of Roti, seafood, vegetarian dishes, and steamed dishes.


Whether you’re in search of jerk chicken bursting with Jamaica’s spices, or a huge selection of Caribbean seafood dishes, these two Calgary restaurants offer Caribbean and Jamaican flair to some traditional and modern dishes. Krazy Jerk’s best-seller is their jerk chicken, but they also have a large array of other meat entrees. And Simply Irie is well-known for their curry and jerk shrimp, fried snapper, and Jamaican patties.


Downtown Calgary is a must if you’re in search of great Thai food. Thai Sa-on Restaurant is one of the top-rated downtown Thai restaurants and offer a gourmet menu of spicy Sa-on signatures, stir fry, and curries. Khao San Thai Kitchen is another of these highly recommended Thai spots. They’ll serve you lunch, dinner, or appetizer snacks.



Enjoy the finer tastes of the Ukraine from Ukrainian Fine Foods, currently available for online ordering and at Prairie Horizons Fresh Market, or Crossroads Market. From this exceptionally fine place you can fill up on perogies, borscht, kubasa, and cabbage rolls.

  • Ukrainian Fine Foods: Crossroads Market Fri – Sun 9am – 5pm & Prairie Horizons Fresh Market Sat – Sun 10am – 4pm


German and Austrian

The best of German or Austrian cuisine can mean many things- savoury sausage and schnitzel, filling breakfasts, and plenty of cheese. Calgary’s Edelweiss Imports is a great place to go for a German and overall European deli experience. Here, you’ll find a huge array of deli trays, dishes to go, soups, and sandwiches. For cuisine more focused on Austrian inspirations, you can now order from the Austrian-Canadian Cultural Centre. Their take-out menu offers favourites like schnitzel, bratwurst, and goulash.


Look no further for authentic Dutch food, as the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek house serves up a healthy selection of pannenkoek, salads, fresh frutis, and Uitsmijters. But number one, what is a pannenkoek? It is a dutch crepe, with tons of topping and filling possibilities. Second, what is a Uitsmijters? They are open-faced sandwiches!


Turkish foods are often a combination of what people would traditionally consider as Middle Eastern or as Mediterranean food. This awesome combo of flavours and foods can be found in Calgary at the Anatolia Turkish Restaurant. Here you can find a food for anyone- meat lovers, vegetarians, and those who love to snack (try the Tzatziki or Hummus!).


You will want to add Moroccan to your next meal if you’re in the mood for tons of fresh vegetables, a variety of grains, fresh bread, and savoury meat. The Casbah can offer all of this through their menu of couscous meals, soup, dips, salads, and seafood. If you’re in Calgary’s southeast, or Douglas Glenn area, you might want to bring you Moroccan cravings to the Tent Restaurant.

Eastern European

When we consider Eastern European food, we may consider cabbage rolls, perogies, and sausage. But beyond some of the more obvious dishes, Calgary’s Heritage Bakery and Deli can also expose you to even more European cooking like potato pancakes, crepes, schnitzel, or bortsch. These favourites can also be enjoyed from Calgary’s east-end Blue Danube Restaurant who are a breakfast favourite for many.


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