15 Great Places to Fish in Manitoba

15 Great Places to Fish in Manitoba

Photo Credit: Kississing Lake Lodge

There’s something about fishing that takes you to your quiet, happy place. Strategically placing the bait on the hook, casting into the water farther than you ever have before and slowly reeling in the line. The water is calm, the sun is warm, and the area around you is peaceful. This is fishing.

But then there are times you want to dive in to catch the biggest one you can find. You scope out the best spot on the lake with the adrenalin pumping. Those fishing days are fun and exciting.

No matter what type of fishing mood you are in, if you come to Manitoba, you are bound to find the perfect spot. To help plan your next fishing trip, we scoped out 15 great fishing places in Manitoba.

Red River, Lockport

You don’t have to travel far out of Winnipeg to hit up a favourite fishing hole. Lockport is off the shores of the Red River where many go for trophy fishing. Although the water isn’t the type you would want to swim in, it is home to many fish you will enjoy reeling in.
Catfish, Greenback Walleye and Sturgeon, are some of the popular fish you will find. All of these types have trophy sizes – meaning get ready to play yourself out reeling them in. You can go out on your own or hit up guided fishing tours, whichever you prefer. Details

Falcon Lake – Whiteshell Provincial Park

Nestled in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Falcon Lake is home to many types of fish including Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch and Northern Pike. Because it is in such a beautiful provincial park, there are a variety of places to stay to plan out a fishing weekend.
Falcon Lake hosts many fishing derbies, including the Walleye Masters Cup in June. So pack the bags, grab some friends and see who can catch the biggest fish in the lake. Details

Lac du Bonnet

When a community prides themselves on being a popular fishing destination in the province, you know it is going to be good. Here you will find Walleye, Northern Pike, Goldeye, Perch, Bass, Sturgeon, Channel Cat and many other types of fish. Lac du Bonnet is also an excellent destination for ice fishing in the winter.
There are many derbies here, including pro fishing ones. They range from beginner, youth derbies to the $25,000 Ice Fishing Derby. Details

Clear Lake – Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park has many waterbodies within its boundaries. One of those is Clear Lake. This is the destination to go for both the avid anglers to the ones who just want to hit the water and relax with their line.
There are many styles of fishing to partake in Clear Lake. Go to the backcountry for Northern Pike. Try your hand at fly fishing for Brook Trout. Or slowly drift on the waters of the lake fishing for Walleye. Details

Lake Winnipeg

If you want to fish in Manitoba, you need to try out Lake Winnipeg. This massive body of water is such a popular fishing destination for any angler out there. Many fish derbies take place on the lake throughout the entire year.
The Saskatchewan River flows into the lake, bringing with it trophy size Walleye. But there’s more than just Walleye in this lake. You’ll find Common Carp, Lake Sturgeon, Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch and lots more. Details

Whitemud River – Lake Manitoba

The Whitemud River flows into Lake Manitoba, giving anglers easy access to this popular fishing hole. It is known for its vast amount of Freshwater Drum and the fun you’ll have reeling them in. The river also houses large sizes of Brown Bullhead and Common Carp.
Plan a fishing trip out to this river for one everyone will remember. If you like to recreational fish, this is where you need to go. Although not all the species are common for consumption, species like the Freshwater Drum will give you a run for its money when reeling in. Details

Buffalo Bay

In the far southeast corner of the province is Buffalo Bay, a popular fishing destination for those north and south of the border. Fishing opens up in May, and many anglers flock to this location to reel in the big one.
Walleye is quite common to find, but the sizes greatly vary. At the bay is Buffalo Point Resort where you can stay and fish. They also have guided fishing days so you can find the best spots on the bay. Details

Winnipeg River

There are many fishing spots along the Winnipeg River; all are excellent places to fish. If you are looking for a fishing getaway, the Winnipeg River is a destination to add to your list. There are many outfitters, camps and resorts to choose from for a stay and fish weekend.
Quite commonly you will find Walleye and Lake Whitefish in the water system. There has also been word of Crappie and Sturgeon being caught in the river. Details

Aikens Lake – Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park

Aikens Lake is the second deepest lake in Manitoba. It goes down 295 ft. which develops the perfect habitat for fish to thrive in. The lake is home to seven types of fish, including Trophy Pike and Lunker Lake Trout. Aikens Lake is considered to be a world-class fishing destination.
While there, the Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is the place to stay. They will help you plan out the ultimate fishing vacation that you will never forget. Details

Sasaginnigak Lake – Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park


Another lake within the Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park that houses amazing fishing is the Sasaginnigak Lake. Commonly you will find Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout in the waters, all large in size. You will also see Rock Bass, Sauger, Sucker and Yellow Perch.
The lakes within the Atikaki Park have conservation limits that allow the fish to thrive in the waters. These places are great recreational fishing destinations following the catch and release guidelines. Details

Nejanilini Lake

The terrain around Nejanilini Lake is breathtaking. Already your trip to the northern regions of Manitoba will be one to remember just by looking at the scenery. Then you head to the lake, and that is where the fun really begins.
Nejanilini Lake is known for catching monster fish, notably Trophy Lake Trout. How common is it to catch the big one? According to The Lodge at Little Duck, anglers commonly catch six master angler fish. The waters are relatively untouched, meaning your fishing will be as private as possible. Details

Lake Dauphin

Lake Dauphin is a world-famous destination for Walleye fishing. If you are looking to catch the big guy, and prepare supper (Walleye fish are known for being very delicious), then a trip here is a must. Also found in the lake are Northern Pike, Whitefish, Bullheads, Yellow Perch and Common Carp.
When the water freezes, Lake Dauphin becomes a popular ice fishing destination. This is when Walleye fishing is at its finest. But if you really want to have some fun, go after the Carp fish as they are a blast to reel in. Details

Kississing Lake

Looking for the fisherman’s paradise? Kississing Lake is your place to be. The waters there provide outstanding fishing that will lead to a trip of a lifetime. Here you will find Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout, all with Master Angler sizes in the waters.
To help keep the waters full of fish and make Kississing Lake a premium fishing destination, regulations are in place as to what size you can keep, and what size is to be thrown back into the water. Details

Quesnel Lake

If you are on the quest to becoming a Master Angler, your destination begins at Quesnel Lake. The lake is approximately 50 ft. deep, and houses a variety sizes of fish to catch. Quite commonly you will find trophy sizes of Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike.
Many fish caught from Quesnel Lake has made it into the Manitoba’s Master Angler register. Get your rod in the water and see if you can add your name to the list. Details

Wekusko Lake – Wekusko Falls Provincial Park

Wekusko Falls Provincial Park is a wilderness playground. The beautiful terrain is waiting to explore. Hike your way around to the waterfall. Nestled inside is the Wekusko Lake, Manitoba’s best lake for Master Angler Sauger.
As you continue to become a Master Angler, then you better be checking out Wekusko Lake. It houses not just Sauger, but also Pike, Walleye, Perch and Whitefish. There are multiple boat launches for easy access to the lake. You won’t just find tons of fish here; you will find tons of massive fish here. Details

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