15 Parks to Enjoy a Picnic in Regina

Summer’s right around the corner! There are few ways better to enjoy a warm summer day than going to a favourite park for a picnic. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for your next picnic in Regina, here are 15 you’ll want to check out.

Victoria Park


Located in Regina’s downtown, Victoria Park is a great place to go if you’re looking for a more central area for your picnic. You’ll love the beauty of this park, as well as its large size. There’s plenty of space, so find a comfortable grassy area and set your picnic up on a beautiful afternoon.

Address: 1955 Smith St, Regina


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Maple Leaf Park

If you’re looking for a lovely little park where you can enjoy your next picnic, head to Maple Leaf Park. Bring your kids and let them play on the play structure to burn some energy. There’s also a pool,which offers a great chance to cool off in the summer.

Address: 101 14 Ave, Regina

Kiwanis Waterfall Park

This gorgeous Regina park is a beautiful place to go and spend an afternoon enjoying a picnic. After you’re done eating, you’ll want to check out all the walking paths and trails, as well as the playground where your kids can play for a while. Make sure you also pay a visit to the waterfall!

Address: 2755 Elphinstone St, Regina

A.E. Wilson Park

If you’re looking for a quieter park where you can have your picnic with your friends or loved ones, then make sure you visit A.E. Wilson Park. There’s plenty of space to set up, and it offers a great oasis to get away from busy city life. The park is also popular with birds, making it a great place for birdwatchers to picnic!

Address: 7 Avenue, Regina


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Wascana Centre

It won’t be hard to find a beautiful place for a picnic in this expansive park. Whether you prefer a nice grassy area or a lakeside view, you’ll find it here. Bring your bike with you or just hit the trails on foot once you’re done eating.

Address: 2900 Wascana Dr, Regina

Gocki Park

There’s lots to do at this park throughout the year. Visit Gocki Park for a beautiful picnic, and let the kids romp around on the playground. There’s also an outdoor tennis court where you can play a game or two after you’ve eaten, along with a spray pad where you can cool off.

Address: 2230 Lindsay St, Regina

Grassick Park

You’ll love venturing over to Grassick Park. Cricket fans especially will be delighted by the pitch in the park. After you enjoy your picnic, set up for a few rounds on a clear summer day.

Address: 5325 Dewdney Ave, Regina

Kinsmen Park North

Pack your picnic and head to the picnic site at this lovely park! After you’re done eating, you might want to play a game at one of the several ball diamonds located throughout the park. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Address: 750 Pasqua St, Regina

Optimist Park

It won’t be hard to feel optimistic about this beautiful park. When you enjoy your picnic at Optimist Park, you’ll be treated to beautiful views, a lively atmosphere, and a couple of athletic fields for those who feel like running around. There’s also a barbecue site if you brought anything that requires grilling!

Address: 5221 Dewdney Ave, Regina

Rotary Park

Looking for a clean, well-maintained park where you can enjoy your next picnic? You’ll want to visit Rotary Park. With both a picnic site and a barbecue site, what more could you ask for out of a great picnic location?

Address: 2738 Regina Ave, Regina

Sharp Park

Head over to Sharp Park if you’re looking for a delightful, clean park where you can have a picnic with friends or family. Once you’re done with your meal, set up at the cricket pitch for a game or two. It’s a great way to spend some time bonding!

Address: 7401 Dewdney Ave, Regine

Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Park

This highly maintained park is a great place to head for your next picnic. You’ll love the park’s atmosphere, as well as the additional barbecue site if you feel like doing some grilling. There are also an athletic field and ball diamond if you’re looking to get in some exercise.

Address: 111 E Broadway Ave

Rick Hansen Optimist Playground

This park is the perfect place if you’re going on a picnic with kids. Set up at the picnic site, and then let the kids run wild on the playground. Clean and well-kept, Rick Hansen Optimist Playground is sure to be a hit with you and the kids!

Address: 1010 McCarthy Blvd, Regine

Eastview Park

This quaint park is a great place to go for a little picnic. Bring your family, friends, or significant other and enjoy a delicious meal here on a warm summer day. The park is also a great place to bring your dog!

Address: 810 Edgar St, Regina

Wascana View Park

Are you looking for a small, quiet area where you can enjoy your picnic this summer? Head to Wascana View Park. It may not be a huge park, but there’s still plenty of beautiful green space where you can eat and bask in the sun.

Address: 9403 Wascana Mews, Regina


Central Park

Head to this park close to Regina’s downtown and enjoy a lovely picnic. It’s close to several restaurants, so you can even order takeout and bring it to the park to eat. You’ll appreciate the cleanliness of this park, as well as all the flowers in the summer.

Address: 2231 Scarth St, Regina

Les Sherman Park

Pay a visit to this lovely park next time you’re planning a picnic! There’s lots of room here, and it won’t be hard to find a beautiful grassy area to set up on. There are also baseball diamonds available if you feel like playing a game after you’ve eaten.

Address: 2450 Pasqua St, Regina


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Rochdale Park

Visit this park next time you’re planning a picnic and enjoy the beauty of this quaint area. This is a great place to go if you’re looking to have a quiet picnic. There are also lots of birds in the area, so bring your binoculars and bird identification book next time you go!

Address: 6798 Rochdale Blvd #6700, Regina

Hastings Park

This little park is a great place for a quiet picnic. Located in Regina’s West End, it offers a nice, comfortable area to have a picnic. Pack your soccer ball and kick it around for a while in the field after you’ve finished eating.

Address: 216 Hastings Crescent, Regina

Lakewood Park

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, well-maintained park where you can enjoy your next picnic, this is it! Find a nice, quiet grassy patch and set up for your meal. Once you’re done, you might want to take a walk through the park.

Address: 6024 Whelan Dr, Regina

Confederation Park

You can’t go wrong with a picnic in Confederation Park! Grab a blanket, your meal, and your loved ones and set up for a beautiful afternoon. You’ll also appreciate how well-maintained and clean the park is.

Address: 1700 Elphinstone St, Regina


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Milford Park

This park is great for anyone looking to have a picnic this summer. Located in eastern Regina, the park has plenty of space where you can set up for a great afternoon with friends or family. The park is also a great place to play a game of soccer!

Address: 220 Cambridge Ave, Regina


Hansen Dr. Park

If you’re in the area looking for a place to have a picnic, head here. This quiet park is a real hidden gem and offers visitors a comfortable green space to enjoy. You’ll love visiting Hansen Dr. Park!

Address: 542 Hansen Dr, Regina

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