23 Parks, Gardens and Nature Trails to Explore in Mississauga


Credit: City of Mississauga

The third most populous city in Ontario has plenty of natural spaces for you to explore. Visit some of these parks and nature trails within Mississauga and explore various recreation, wildlife, and scenery. Get outside and enjoy the warm weather by visiting 23 parks and nature trails found in Mississauga.

All places are free to visit.

Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens


Specializing in rhododendrons, the 18-acre garden offers vibrant colours and fresh blooming flowers in the spring and summer. You can enjoy annual walking tours or volunteer to help grow the garden and maintain the grounds. This community-led space loves to host plant-loving guests but since they do not allow dogs on the property, be sure to leave your furry companion at home. Details

Address: 660 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Kariya Park

This tranquil, Japanese-inspired garden is home to majestic Sakura trees, rhododendrons, sculptures, and even a duck pond. Kariya, Japan, is considered a Sister City in Mississauga and was created in the 1950s to develop communications and an appreciation of culture between the two countries. Details

Address:3620 Kariya Dr, Mississauga


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Riverwood Conservancy

The Riverwood Trail is located in the Riverwood Conservancy on the shores of the Credit River. This peaceful sanctuary offers trails where naturalist-guided walks and self-guided walks are held through beautiful natural features like woodlands and meadows. Details

Address: 4300 Riverwood Park Ln, Mississauga

MacEwan Terrance Garden

Located within the Riverwood Conservancy, the MacEwan Terrance Garden was opened in 2012 as a perennial garden, with beautiful flowers in bloom. Adjacent to the flower garden is the Sensory Path and the Enabling Garden, which provides a natural experience to those with visual impairment via braille signage and tactile sensations. Details


The Riverwood Conservancy

Chappell House Gardens

Another set of gardens within Riverwood Conservancy, the Chappell House Gardens gardens compliment the arts and crafts style Chappell House built on 1919 with year-round garden
and a lily pond. This heritage house is located at the end of the winding Riverwood Park Lane.


Lakefront Promenade Park

Stroll through the picturesque grounds, either as a solo expedition or with a group. Catch a stunning view of this famous Marina from the boardwalk and enjoy volleyball courts and picnic grounds in the warmer months. Details

Address:800 Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga


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Jack Darling Memorial Park

Treat your fur baby to fresh air and exercise at Jack Darling Memorial Park. Leash up your canine companion and enjoy a day outdoors. The off-leash dog park is one of the most popular attractions, accommodating approximately 1000 people. Make new friends and meet their dogs.

Address: 1180 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Nestled up to the Lake Ontario shoreline, the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area offers a scenic spot to stroll on a waterfront trail with many opportunities for photography and bird watching. It is also visited for its rare natural cobble beach and as it is the last lakefront marsh between Toronto and Burlington. Details

Address: 660 Bexhill Road, Mississauga

Port Credit Memorial Park

The downtown area of Mississauga offers nearby parks and picnic areas. Grab a Frisbee, sunbathing towels, and a packed lunch, and head to the Port Credit Memorial Park. Along with exercise in the fresh air, you can discover stunning views along Credit River. Details

Address:40 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga

Wahoosh Falls

Explore Wahoosh Falls, a small cascade waterfall. This lesser-known waterfall which is part of the Mullets creek that empties into the Credit River is located in a wooded area of Burnhamthorpe Road just before the Burnhamthorpe Rd bridge.



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Paul Coffey Park

Paul Coffey Park is one of the larger recreational areas in Mississauga. Hang out on the grass while enjoying the view of Mimico Creek or hike through one of the many walking trails. Or take a selfie in front of the CF-100 airplane statue, which pays homage to the nearby Pearson Airport. Details

Address:3430 Derry East Rd. Mississauga

Aquitane Park

Aquitane Park offers extensive trails that are perfect for hiking, running, or biking as the wooded areas provide safe and visible paths where you can be one with nature while surrounded by stunning forestry and wildlife. Or enjoy a lazy day stretched out on a blanket with your favourite book.

Address: 2750 Aquitaine Avenue, Mississauga

Sawmill Creek Park/Sawmill Valley Trail

Enjoy beautiful views of small cascade falls and stroll along the peaceful nature trails that are found in Sawmill Creek Park. Find yourself crossing the pedestrian bridge that hangs over Sawmill Creek, flowing through Folkway Drive and Erin Mills Parkway. Details

Address:1955 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga

Erindale Park

Take the entire group out for an afternoon visit to Erindale Park. The kids will love the playground situated on 22 acres of land while you take advantage of surrounding picnic areas and public bbq grills, a favourite destination of families in Mississauga! Details

Address:1695 Dundas St W, Mississauga

Silver Birch Loop Trail


Branching off from the Jack Darling Memorial Park is the Silver Birch Loop Trail, offering 2.2 miles of well-maintained walking paths. You will be able to catch views of natural wildlife as this area is of particular interest to bird-watchers. Just ensure that your dog is on a leash and leave your bike at home (as biking is not permitted). Details

Address:1180 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Cooksville Creek Trail

If you love outdoor recreation, you will adore an adventure down the Cooksville Creek Trail, which offers year-round hiking, walking, and biking paths. Its mixed terrain is excellent for hikers of all experiences, and the wooded paths will provide a quiet and scenic journey along towards the Mississauga Valley. Details

Richard Jones Park


This hidden gem, located in the middle of Mississauga city, is a favorite among residents who are looking for a quiet, reasonably unpopulated space to relax outside. The grounds allow dogs, and the area is known as a great place for birdwatching.

Address:181 Whitchurch Mews, Mississauga

Meadowvale Conservation Area

Find yourself upon 179 acres of expansive land that offers nature trails as well as plenty of picnic benches. In the warmer weather and on weekends, the area can become quite busy so if you are looking for a more peaceful outdoor adventure, visit weekdays to avoid the crowds. The nearby river also provides fishing opportunities. Details

Address:1081 Old Derry Rd, Mississauga

J.C Saddington Park

A visit to J.C Saddington Park will provide plenty of walking paths and views of wildlife; in particular, birdwatchers will find various feathered species. You can also visit the pier on the east end, which will give you a great view of the Port Credit River.

Address: 53 Lake St, Mississauga

Adamson Estate

Stretching over 13.33 acres, the Adamson Estate is a public waterfront park with lush gardens that house the Cawthra-Adamson Division of the Royal Conservatory of Music. It’s a popular location for photographers and group outings with plenty of forests to serve as a natural background. Details

Address: 850 Enola Ave, Mississauga


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Danville Park

Do you love watching planes take off and land from Toronto’s International Park? Then visit Airplane Viewing Platform at Danville Park. There is plenty of recreation to be found in Danville Park. Visitors can enjoy cricket games, and the well-shaded area provides relief from the hot sun on a summer day. Take your group or team and spend the afternoon enjoying your outdoor sport of choice, or just lounge on the grass and enjoy the scenery. Details

Address: 6525 Danville Rd, Mississauga


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Saigon Park


This popular park and outdoor recreation area sprawls across 8.67 acres of land. The grounds feature a pond, outdoor art, picnic tables, and pathways that include fitness equipment. Enjoy exercise in the fresh air or stroll to the pier where you will find plenty of lookout points, offering fantastic views.

Address:240 Matheson Blvd W, Mississauga


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Middlebury Green Park

Middlebury Green Park offers an expansive area in which to enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful day. Visitors will love the recreational equipment, which includes push-up bars, a long bench, pull-up bars and a dip station.

Address:5510 Middlebury Dr, Mississauga


Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park provides a beautiful view of the water where visitors can stroll along the rocky beach. In the summer, enjoy cooling off on the splash pad or let the kids run free on the playground equipment. There is plenty of green lawn space to lounge on while enjoying the fresh air.

Address:2268 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Marina Park

Those who love aquatic adventures while enjoying the outdoors travel to the edge of Port Credit Village and discover an area that is rich in heritage. Marina Park offers visitors recreational boating and swimming and plenty of boardwalk space for walking, along with green spaces to explore.

Address:15 Front St S, Mississauga

Woodeden Park

Best known for its tennis courts, Woodeden Park, is home to the Tecumseh Tennis Club. Bring your racket and enjoy a few games within the two tennis courts provided. Take a break by sprawling out on the grass, sipping on a refreshing beverage, or enjoy a quick snack. Details

Address:1538 Woodeden Dr, Mississauga

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