Albertans Can Apply Online For Affordable Housing

Alberta has introduced a new online application process for affordable housing.

Today, Minister of Seniors and Housing Josephine Pon announced an online tool, Find Housing, so that Albertans can locate and apply for affordable housing.


According to the news release, the tool guides potential applicants through the process of evaluating their eligibility and connects them with providers and housing options for their individual situations.

Those looking for affordable housing will be required to answer questions based on eligibility criteria for housing options like household income, citizenship status, preferred locations and number of family members.

Currently, more than 110,000 Albertans (nearly 2.5 per cent) live in more than 57,000 government-subsidized housing units and more than 24,000 eligible households are on waitlists for affordable housing programs, a number that has doubled in a decade.

Find Housing online tool


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