August 23: A Portion of Scarborough Bluffs Has Collapsed

imageA part of the Scarborough Bluffs near the lookout point at Bluffers Park collapsed on Sunday, August 23.

Police say it was just luck no one was injured when a massive boulder fell onto a beach below in Toronto’s east end.

Const. David Hopkinson says part of the Scarborough Bluffs came loose and crashed on the beach and into Lake Ontario shortly before 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Hopkinson says no one was underneath at the time or on top of the bluffs, but there were boaters nearby.

He says police received calls about an explosion in the area, but they believe it was just the sound of the rocks crashing down.

He says police and firefighters are called out regularly for people who get stuck trying to climb the bluffs, and advises against it.

“If the rock fell, you can guarantee there are some loose rocks that still exist high up and if one of them fell, that’s a life−threatening injury,” Hopkinson said.

“We know the bluffs have some areas that are not safe, so use the trails and enjoy them, but please do so with caution.”

A video posted to Instagram shows a large cloud of dust and a pile of rocks at the bottom of the bluffs when the dust clears.


Landslides along the Scarborough Bluffs occur every year, all year long. This is especially visible if you hike Doris McCarthy Trail which is located adjacent to the eastern edge of Bluffers Park.

Doris McCarthy Scarborough Bluffs

Doris McCarthy/ToDoCanada

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