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About Scarborough Bluffs Park, Ontario, Canada

Scarborough Bluffs Park is one of the many parks located along the geographical feature – the bluffs along the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Scarborough.


What to do at Scarborough Bluffs Park?

Attractions & Things to do

Enjoy a nice walk along the trails bordering the bluffs enjoying views of Lake Ontario, and wild flowers in the meadows. The trail that follows east along the fence (your left, if you are facing the fence/lake) joins Brimley road to Bluffer’s Park. It is a great place to watch the evening sky, delight in moonlit nights.

The views of the bluffs and Bluffers Park are obstructed by the trees and vegetation. It is advised to stay behind the fences and use your common sense as the edge of the bluffs is unstable.

When to visit Scarborough Bluffs Park?

Scarborough Bluffs Park Hours

Year round. Daily.

Trails are not maintained in winter.

Time required to visit:

One hour.


How much to visit Scarborough Bluffs Park?



Scarboroughbluffs-Bluffer's Park

How to get to Scarborough Bluffs Park?

Scarborough Bluffs Park location & directions: Located at 61 Undercliff Drive, the Scarborough Bluffs Park can be easily accessed through Kingston Road. Turn south on Scarborough Crescent and turn left onto Undercliff Drive. Take Cecil Crescent immediatly after the tennis court (park signage) to reach the parking lot and play ground.

Free parking available on site.

Though the park is accessible by public transport, you need to walk ~1km from Kingston road to reach the park.

Note: The Bluffs Park, gets you the view from the top of the bluffs (obscured by vegetation from behind the fence). But to see the bluffs up-close, you need to go to Bluffers Park – Follow Brimley Road South to the very end, when the road forks, turn right (left leads you to the beach and marina).

What about Amenities & Accessibility at Scarborough Bluffs Park?

Tennis Court. Playground & Splash Pads. Benches.

Dogs allowed.

Trails are not exactly accessible (see pictures above), though one can traverse the trails till the path climbs steeply.

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