Beakerhead presents THE ASCENT: North America’s Largest Marionette to Make Epic Climb This Saturday in Calgary

The 2021 edition of Calgary’s creative science and engineering festival, Beakerhead was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns but the festival organisers are bringing a one-day pop-up event this Saturday, September 25th to downtown Calgary.


Visit Eau Claire Market to see a 34-foot tall, fully articulated marionette, named David, created by The Underground Circus, climbing 39 stories of Oxford Properties’ Devon Tower and witness the ingenuity of his creators.



As per the Underground Circus website, David was constructed from 800 feet of 1/2 inch aluminum rod and used “8 human load-bearing pulleys, 70 lightweight climbing pulleys, 14 control devices, 1200 ft of rope, 700 ft of 1/8 in spectra, 200 ft of 5/16 spectra, 100 shackles, four rope hauling devices, and various slings and ties” for puppeteering. It is being continuously adapted for various events and performances.


Underground Circus

Beakerhead’s website states that during the event, ” As DAVID climbs, he experiences compassion, anxiety, humour, and ultimately triumph. His journey mirrors our human experience during the pandemic and, through film, innovative cinematic capture, and projection, we get a glimpse into DAVID’s emotions and reactions as he climbs, observes, and becomes one of us!”

You can also see some of the previous years’ famous Beakerhead installations, science demos and creative performances at Eau Claire Market south parking lot.

The event is held in conjunction with Calgary International Film Festival which runs until October 3, 2021.

Beakerhead presents THE ASCENT

What: Beakerhead’s preparing a night of STEAM-inspired delight. Appreciate a sky-scraping metaphor for human potential and resilience, honour creativity, and celebrate science. You’ll recognize a few Beakerhead favourites, enjoy cinematic storytelling, and witness something never done before!

When: Saturday, September 25, 2021 | 7 – 10 PM
Where: In- Person: Outdoors @ Devon Tower (NE corner) & Eau Claire Market south parking lot (2 Ave between 2 & 3 St SW), Calgary

See from a large area with a view of north-east corner of Devon Tower.

and online

How much: Free

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