Beyond Monet: An Immersive Monet Exhibition Coming to Ottawa


Beyond Monet Ottawa

Were you thrilled to be able to walk inside Van Gogh’s paintings and enjoyed every minute of the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition? Then, this one is for you.

An immersive Monet exhibition is coming to Ottawa for the summer of 2022. Get lost inside Monet’s masterful artworks filling 50,000 square feet of space in Aberdeen Pavilion.

The exhibition will literally paint the walls of Ottawa’s famous Pavilion and turn it into an ethereal representation of Monet’s work – the unbridled pursuit of light from the leading figure of Impressionism.


Just like the Van Gogh Exhibition, you can take in every brushstroke and masterful blending of colours inside a captivating atmosphere enhanced with music, sound effects and scenography.

Claude Monet painted some of the world’s most recognizable art pieces.

The event is produced by Beyond Exhibitions and Normal Studio.

Beyond Monet: An Immersive Exhibition


Beyond Monet Toronto

What: Beyond Monet is a three-part multi-sensory experience inspired by the intoxicating freedom and the rejection of conventions that run through Monet’s body of work. Walk inside visually stunning Monet’s paintings coming to life before your own eyes and become one with Monet’s paintings as larger-than-life images dance across various surfaces, immersing the viewer in colour and light, and revealing new details about the artworks we thought we knew.

When: Summer 2022

Where: Aberdeen Pavilion
1000 Exhibition Way, Ottawa, ON



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