Car Caught on Video Doing Donuts & Shooting Fireworks During Victoria Day Weekend in Toronto



Quarantine has really gone to people’s heads!

Just after midnight Sunday of Victoria Day weekend, a blue Mustang was seen doing donuts at the intersection of Dixon Rd. and Carlingview Dr. in Etobicoke while shooting fireworks.

This event had onlookers and drivers watching and recording on their smartphones and it went viral on social media.

Toronto Police say that their officers were called to Dixon Rd & Carlingview Dr in Etobicoke after they received reports of around 300 cars in the intersection and that drivers were out of their cars watching other vehicles doing donuts.

As a response to the Toronto Police tweet, twitter user @km_av_ posted the following video showing another angle of multiple fireworks going off.


Recently Toronto Police Service arrested a 21-year old for doing donuts in downtown Toronto.

Ontario Provincial police also charged a 19-year-old driver for allegedly speeding at 308 kilometres per hour on the Queen Elizabeth Way west of Toronto.


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