City of Toronto Recalls $200,000 Worth of Poor Quality Surgical Masks

The City of Toronto is recalling more than $200,000 worth of surgical masks that do not meet the quality specifications.

According to the news release, the quality issue was discovered yesterday after complaints of ripping and tearing were lodged by the City’s health care staff.

The recall includes four-thousand boxes of 50 masks each, of which, 1,252 boxes, or 62,600 masks, were distributed to the City’s long-term care homes on March 28.

The City is contacting its occupational health safety staff and is also investigating to determine how many employees in the City’s long-term care homes were caring for a patient while wearing these masks, and if there was possible exposure to COVID-19.

The City says that the loss of this inventory is a significant shortfall of surgical masks.

The masks are being returned, and according to the news release vendor has committed to a full refund.

Currently, there are 1449 COVID-19 cases in Toronto, 142 people who were hospitalized and a total of 42 deaths.

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