Banff Yoga Festival

May 29, 2020

May 31, 2020


Fenlands Recreation Centre, 100 Mt Norquay Rd, Banff


Events Description


Bringing together exceptional teachers of yoga, meditation and mindfulness from Banff and beyond, together we will create a conscious connection to yoga, culture and adventure in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Come together to study all things yoga, and connect to our unique culture.

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains – one of Canada’s most popular destinations with a long time history of healing. Immerse yourself in this 3-day festival of conscious celebration where we incorporate the mindfulness of yoga into all elements of our lives. From yoga classes to hiking adventures, to cultural and social interaction, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and renewed mind body and soul.

Wake up to the sun peeking over the mountains as you soak it in over a cup of tea. Head to a yoga class at the state of the Fenlands Recreation Centre to connect to the community and transformational teachings. A short hike up Tunnel Mountain gets your blood pumping and your creativity stirring. And the calm of a canoe on the Bow River mirrors your peaceful state of mind. Infuse intention into your handmade mala in the afternoon. Then connect with new friends at an acro yoga workshop and end your day with an all-out celebration of community featuring an impeccably curated list of wellness teachers and artists from Banff and beyond.

What To Expect:

Practice and learn from wellness professionals who are “Walking the Talk” in our wellness world. Practice yoga, lots of yoga. Or not. Classes and workshops can range from powerful classes and pose-specific workshops, to complete a total relaxation classes, to making chocolate and listening to music. Be surrounded by the Canadian Rockies in a valley that has deep roots in healing. Attend Mountain Meditations, stand up paddle classes, walks and more in the outdoors. Eat and even prepare nourishing ayurvedic dishes, create art, journal, get a facial… there is something for everyone!

Aren’t A Yogi?

No problem. You could attend our festival, with a FULL day without doing a single yoga pose. The Banff Yoga Festival is so much more than a yoga festival. We use the concept of YOGA to highlight what it is meant to do. “Yoga” refers to Unity which can be achieved via mindfulness. We us Mindfulness as inspiration to find classes that can address this approach to all areas in life. For example, we’ve addressed the realities of indulgence and created a “Yin & Vin” classes and “Raw Chocolate Making” in an attempt to get us thinking about our health & wellbeing in a whole and realistic way.

Regardless if you are a yoga beginner or a yoga teacher, there is something for you!

Our 5th Birthday & Our Theme:

For our 5th birthday we have chosen to highlighting the theme of polarities. Positives & Negatives, Dark & Light, Yin & Yang, East & West, Right & Left… Polarities addresses the opposites in our world. It attempts to recognize the need for each end of the spectrum and how you can live peacefully in a polar world.


Tickets :

Early Bird

1 Day — $148 This ticket includes access to all workshops and evening social events for 1 day. This class does not include the Add-Ons workshops with an additional costs based on offering(Premium Workshops)

$235 — Standard Weekend: This ticket includes access to all workshops and evening social events. This class does not include the Premium workshops.

$262 — Premium Access: This ticket includes access to all standard workshops, evening social events, 3 Premium(Add-On) Workshops, unlimited shuttle, 1 special members only event.

Individual events & Workshops: varies

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Date & Time:
May 29 to 31, 2020 – Schedule

Venue & Address :

Fenlands Recreation Centre
100 Mt. Norquay Road, Banff

and other Venues in Banff.

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