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Year Round.

Spruce Meadows

About Spruce Meadows Calgary

Spruce Meadows Calgary is one of the world’s premier show jumping and equestrian facility situated in 120 hectare site, south of Calgary.

There are two indoor arenas, seven stables, six grassed outdoor rings, its own television production facility that produces Spruce Meadows Chronicles, a show-jumping related TV series.


What to do at Spruce Meadows Calgary?

Things to do at Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows Pond

1.Watch the premier tournaments likeNational’ ‘Continental’ ‘Pan American’ ‘North American’ and ‘Masters’ (worlds richest show jumping tournament).

2. During the tournament days, one can attend the agricultural fair, and browse through arts and crafts shops and enjoy the various entertainment provided by Spruce Meadows.

3. Tour the stables, visit the ground any day of the year and watch the trainers exercise the horses.

4. There is a real Canadian superstore sponsored playground for the kids.

5. During the spring/summer season, enjoy picniking in the Meadows grounds, fish in the pond at the east entrance, watch the foals in addition to the outdoor tournaments.

6. During fall/winter period, the Meadows host lots of indoor tournaments and an international Christmas market in November. Enjoy the Christmas decorations as the Spruce Meadows will be decked in decorations and lights.

7. Skate in the pond.

8. The facility also holds an annual “Name the Foal” contest, in which three foals are selected to be named by the public.

9. There is a tack shop for all things horses.

One can also hold private functions like weddings and other events here.

Who all can go and enjoy ? – Everybody

How to get to Spruce Meadows?

Spruce Meadows Location & Directions

Real Canadian Playground, Spruce Meadows

Real Canadian Superstore Playground, Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is located on the southern city limits of Calgary, approximately 30-40 minutes from downtown Calgary and 45 minutes from the Calgary International airport.

By Car go south on Macleod Trail, then turn west on Highway 22X** /Spruce Meadows Trail/ Marquis of Lorne Trail. Travel approximately 2km. Watch for signs.

During tournament days- by public transport,take C-train to Somerset/Bridlewood LRT Station(route 201)and from there Spruce Meadows/Red Arrow bus transports you to the meadows every 20- 30 minutes.

GPS Coordinates:

In DMS:50° 53′ 21.2712″,-114° 5′ 38.6622″

In DD: 50.889242,-114.094073

How long will it take to visit Spruce Meadows?

Time Required to Visit Spruce Meadows – 2 hours to a full day.

How much do Spruce Meadows visit cost?

Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows Admission

Visiting : Free

Varies according to events. Some events are free.

The admission charges are applied only during certain tournaments like “National”, “North American” and “Masters” tournaments. $5 for general admission – seniors and kids 12 and under complimentary. For Christmas market, General Admission is $8, Seniors (65+) & Children (12 & under): Free.

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When to visit Spruce Meadows?

Spruce Meadows Hours

Year round – 9 am to 6 pm during non tournament days.

Varies for events and tournaments.- Check the Event Tab above or See tournament dates

During Christmas time (late November through December) alone,the grounds are open till 9 pm.

What about Amenities, Access & Parking at Spruce Meadows?

Spruce Meadows Pond

Spruce Meadows Pond


Dining options available only during tournaments.

Wheel chair access.

Parking for the summer tournaments is complimentary and is available in Lot #2 located off Spruce Meadows Trail . Parking for all other tournaments and events is in Lot #7 off of Tournament Lane on the west side of the property. Follow the signage on the highway to Lot #7. Lot # 4 for fishing.

**The highway 22X passes through southern Calgary, where it becomes Marquis of Lorne Trail (sometimes referred to by the French variant “Marquis de Lorne Trail”), and over Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail within Calgary). When the highway crosses Macleod Trail (Highway 2A), it changes its name to Spruce Meadows Trail.

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