Summer Bash Festival

August 30, 2020

August 30, 2020


Fairchild & Groome Park in Harbour Landing Neighbourhood, 4401 Albulet Drive, Regina


Events Description

Presenting our fourth annual Summer Bash Festival.

We have come far, and every year made substantial changes. 2019 was where our committee finally figured out a successful way to deliver the event. Thank you to the 10,000 people that have joined us each year and been on this journey with us. We are continually improving, but if you attended in 2019, expect to see a similar layout to the event. 2019 witnessed us expanding the event space by adding a second park utilizing both Fairchild and Groome park!

The motivation is to provide a culturally appropriate event while providing authentic engagement with the community. A healthy family, school and community bond has always been a focus.

Stay tuned to Facebook and the website for all event details, but some highlights from 2019 include:

We will continue to expand our Cultural Stage. 2019 had 13 unique performances that displayed our diversity through song and dance. A large map was maintained again where citizens could pin where they have called home. Over 140 countries have been pinned in the past showing the diversity of the event.

2019 had 89 field activities organized by 20 local non-profits, nine organizations performed on the children’s stage, nine bouncers kept kids busy, and 78 organizations provided activities during the entire day that included arts, cultural, educational, and more.

We celebrated with the second year of our Indigenous Pavilion. Seven indigenous organizations and three elders provided teachings and sharing. Five tipis that were utilized for programming were built the day before with our partners, created by the community. For the first time, we wanted to create a reminder in the community of how we came together. Came together to grow as a community. This year we partnered with Indigenous Artist, Richard Dubois, to create a work of art that captured the essence of Summer Bash 2019. He did this all while painting live on-site so all families could enjoy the work. The work of art will be permanently displayed at the South Leisure Centre in 2020.

Not only did we provide 3,000 free meals for the third straight year, but we also added a variety of food truck options, 16 in total. Another feature we continued was the ice cream eating contest. Organized by four age categories, citizens had a blast cheering on their loved ones.

Follow us to stay in touch with all the excitement for Summer Bash 2020 Festival!

Who is it for?

Family & kids


Tickets : FREE

Some things on location cost money such as Food Trucks.

How to get tickets?

At the door



Date: Sunday August 30, 2020 | 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

All Day on Two Stages

Venue & Address

Fairchild & Groome Park in Harbour Landing Neighbourhood, 4401 Albulet Drive, Regina, SK.

Wheelchair accessible

Free Parking

Street Parking

Free Bike Valet available.

Accessible by Public Transport

We run a Free Shuttle Bus from nearby mall locations.

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