Edmonton Reinstates Parking Fees in Epark Zones and City-Owned Parkades


Credit: Downtown Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has announced that parking fees in EPark zones and City-owned parkades will be reinstated on Monday, June 8.

As per the news release:
  • The City will be reducing hourly parking rates in approximately 80 per cent of EPark zones.
  • The first 30 minutes of every parking session in curbside EPark zones will be free of charge.
  • Users will have to register for their parking session through the MyEPark appor EPark machines to receive their first 30 minutes free.
The City is asking customers to use the MyEPark app as the safest way to pay for parking. The app allows users to manage their parking sessions through their smartphones without interacting with the EPark pay machine.
According to the city, if the MyEPark App is not an option and customers must use an EPark pay machine for payment.
The city is also reminding users that EPark machines are not sanitized by the City of Edmonton between each use.

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