Free Online Learning Tools for Kids (K-12) at TVO – Ontario

imageTVO has launched an online free learning program as part of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Learn at Home program. This platform is a new learning initiative designed to provide enhanced access to a host of TVO digital learning products during the current school closures.

You will be able to access free online, easy access to learning tools for students from K-12.

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  • TVO Mathify offers free 1 on 1 online math tutoring with Ontario Certified Teachers for students in grades 6-10. During the school closures, tutors are available from 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday and Sunday 3:30pm to 9pm for students wishing to build their math understanding and confidence with a personalized math coach.
  • TVO mPower offers more than 65 free online games that help students master tough-to-learn K-6 math, STEM and social science concepts. All games are Ontario curriculum-based and designed to bolster foundational skills and inspire a love of math.

For Grade 9 to 12 classes:

TVO ILC has 144 Grade 9 to 12 courses. These courses are free during school closures.

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YouTube Channel TVOKids

· Mathematics – A YouTube channel carefully curated with content to support JK-Grade 3 core math curriculum, helping kids learn math in a way that is intriguing and fun. Visit the TVOkids Mathematics channel.

· Science and Technology – A YouTube channel supporting JK-Grade 3 core science curriculum where kids can learn from fun science experiments – and even try some of them at home. Visit the TVOkids Science and Technology channel.

· Language – A YouTube Channel where kids join an imaginative world where learning language is paramount. These videos are designed to promote the growth of language skills and a love of reading. Visit the TVOkids Language channel.


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