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imageWe are in the age of social distancing and self-isolation with schools across Canada closed to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a list of few free online resources that you might find useful so that you can learn something new, brush up your skills and help children keep up with age-appropriate Canadian curriculum.


  • Free Online Courses By Universities
  • Free Online Resources for Math & Science for K-12
  • Free Online Resources for Arts & All Other Subjects for K-12
  • Generic Resources
  • Canadian School Curriculum for K-12



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Your Public Library: Canada’s public libraries have plenty of free online resources for all subjects from one-on-one tutoring to free videos for all subjects and practice tests for competitive exams like SAT, IELTS etc. Log in online with your library card to see what is on offer.

Brush up your skills or learn something new: There are also freeskills classes like photography classes, DIY home renovation classes, woodworking classes, self-help classes for adults online.

Eg: Toronto; Hamilton; Calgary; Edmonton; Winnipeg; Regina; Saskatoon

Free Online Courses By Universities


Mostly for high school students & adults (includes Science/Computer Science/Math/Arts and Other Subjects). Few universities like the University of Alberta have classes for younger kids.

Free Online Resources for Maths & Science

Culture/ Literature/Reading /Arts & Other Subjects


Generic Resources

Canadian Schools Curriculum

Most provincial governments are in the process of setting up online classes to mitigate some of the effects of prolonged school closures due to COVID-19. Contact your school district for up to date information.


If you know about other free online resources, please email us (

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