Fun During Quarantine: From #binisolationouting to #quarantinetravelchallenge

With most of the world sheltering in place, dressing up and going out has become something that people crave the most.With a lesser chance to go out and have fun, people are looking for new ways to entertain themselves and cheer others. The social media is buzzing with quarantine inspired memes and challenges. Here are some of them.


In Australia, people are making an outing of taking the bins out. The outfit varies from cocktail dresses to wedding outfits to character costumes to more bizarre outfits. The photos are shared online under #binisolationouting.

It all started when Danielle Askew, a Kindergarten teacher in Australia, dared her friend to dress up while going to keep the bin and share the photo with friends. She started a facebook page so that friends could join and share the fun. Now their facebook page has over 650,000 members and counting, with members posting daily photos of their outing.


#quarantinetravelchallenge is another popular challenge going around the social media, where people recreate their best vacation photos from home. With the World at a standstill and no way to travel, reliving old memories is a way to connect to the outside.

Tokiais dalykais paprastai neužsiimu, bet dabar juk nepaprasti laikai. Tad skelbiu karantino keliautojų iššūkį. Išsirink…

Posted by Liudas Dapkus on Friday, April 3, 2020

Since the first photo was shared by Liudas Dapkus, the challenge has exploded in popularity with many people sharing their pictures over facebook and instagram.

Kas sakė, kad keliauti negalima! Gabrielė Štaraitė, karantino keliautojų iššūkis – priimtas 😃#karantinokeliones #keliautojaskarantine #quarantinetravelerchallenge

Posted by Audra Kondrote on Saturday, April 4, 2020

For many, this challenge is a way to express their creativity, relieve the boredom of staying indoors and have great fun.

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Buongiorno! We may be losing our minds during this quarantine but at least we are having fun! Last night we traveled to Venice, Italy. It was beautiful and an adventure all it’s own. 😂 ____ We used @amazon boxes to create our gondola and pretended that we were spotting different sites throughout our ride down the canals. Logan was on a mission to find the crab from Moana and was disappointed we did not see it. We did sing “Shiny” for the entirety of our ride, though! ____ What You Don’t See: We tried to put a temporary tattoo mustache on Evan but failed miserably because of his beard. We also had a very difficult time getting Logan inside our gondola because all he wanted to do was pretend to be a “crab in the ocean!” Ciao! ____ #socialdistancing #quarantinekidsactivities #kidsofnewyork #kidstraveler #kidsquarantine #familyquarantine #toddlerquarantine #quarantinegames #quarantinelife #stayhome #travelathome #quarantinetravelchallenge #nyquarantine #romeitaly #venice #veniceitaly #veniceitaly🇮🇹 #traveltoddler #travelfamily #familytravel #familytravels #familyadventures #familyadventure #visititaly🇮🇹 #visititaly #adventurefamily #travelwithkids #fomofeedathome #travelinside #fomofeedkids

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Some are replacing the ocean with their bathtubs or blue couches and views of their favorite city with views of their backyards. Others recreated airplane pictures by sitting next to their washing machines and looking into them as if looking out of a plane window.

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🏝А где отдыхал ты в последний раз? Я на Крите, в Греции. @amsterdam_mockingbird @m.nikalas @lexjonsson @rimmaprima1 @petregov давайте колитесь 😄 Людас Дапкус (литовский путешественник) запустил флешмоб в Сети. Участники воссоздают свои отпускные фото в нынешних домашних условиях. Пока о морюшке приходится только вспоминать и мечтать… #quarantinetravelchallenge#накарантине#самоизоляция#сидитедома#охтадома#madamkhorosheva

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Have you done the #quarantinepillowchallenge yet? This challenge sees people dressing up in pillows – secured with belts or ribbons. Accessorize your fashionably comfy outfits with high heels, designer handbags and trendy earrings or necklaces and you are good to trend.

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