Alberta Parents to Receive $561 Per Child Towards Child Care


Alberta government is providing a new, one-time payment to help parents with the cost of child care.

The payment of $561 is available for families with a household income $100,000 or less per year and for those who paid for at least three months of care.

The Working Parents Benefit will see $108 million distributed to families that used child care – including licensed or unlicensed daycare, day homes, out-of-school care, or preschool – from April to December of 2020. This $108 million of unspent funds from Children’s Services will be redirected under the Working Parents Benefit to support the families of up to 192,000 children.

Who is Eligible:


Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in Alberta will be eligible to apply for the Working Parents Benefit if they have:

  1. Children in any form of child care, including licensed or unlicensed child care.
  2. Parent or legal guardian of a child who was born on or after February 29, 2008 are eligible.
  3. A household annual income of $100,000 or less.
  4. Paid for three months of child care between April 1 and Dec. 31, 2020 (must provide receipts).

How to Apply for Working Parents Benefit:

A MyAlberta Digital ID is needed to apply for the benefit.

  • Applications start on March 1, and opens by region from March 1 to 5, 2021, and close on March 31, 2021
  • Apply for the Working Parents Benefit online at starting March 1.

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