Travel Around the World Through 25 International Cuisines in Edmonton

We can’t travel the world right now, so we want to bring the world to you – through food! Edmonton offers a huge variety of restaurants and cafes inspired by all the different nationalities and cultures which make up our city. So come with us, around the world without leaving Edmonton, and try something different, something you’re not used to, or something you were told you need to try.



Is it authentic Italian pizza if it wasn’t cooked in a wood-burning oven, or if its not handmade dough? At Favoloso, this is these handmade pizzas are their specialty, but you can also try their pasta, salads, appetizers, and café drinks. Vaticano offers more in the way of café snacks like a Fromaggio Board, Caprese Salad, or their Gnocchi Poutine, for example.


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There are new flavours and exciting products coming out of one of Edmonton’s highest-rated Chinese food restaurants, The Lingnan. You can now take their tasty Dry Spicy Chicken or their Szechuan Beef, home with you to cook later. But if you don’t feel like doing any cooking, check out Lingnan’s take-out menu filled with appetizers, ribs, soup, stir fries, and more. And if you’re on the hunt for not only authentic, but also traditional Chinese dishes, check out the Loma House in Millwoods.

  • The Lingnan: 10582 104 St. NW, Edmonton 780-426-3975
  • Loma House: 9142 23 Ave. NW, Edmonton; (780) 466-8391


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We are lucky in Edmonton- we are not a coastal city, yet we have a wonderful selection of Japanese Sushi restaurants all around town. The Arts District is where you can find one of the best of these sushi restaurants: Watari. They serve rolls and sashimi galore, along with soups and appetizers. But there is a lot more to traditional Japanese food than just Sushi. For more excellent sushi but also a selection of Osaka-inspired street food, Dorinku on Jasper Avenue delivers (figuratively and literally)! Their menu ranges from seafoods to noodles, rolls, and a delicious assortment of cocktails.


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The Korean street food from Gangnam is the perfect take-out or on-the-go option when you want something flavourful and filling. Some easy-to-eat and convenient Korean-inspired plates include the hotdog on a stick (a lot more filling than your average corndog!), Kim Bab rolls, ramen, or chicken bites. Gangnam Street food has four locations in Edmonton, so they are easy to find no matter where you are in Edmonton.

Four locations:

#15 K-Mall 9261 34 Ave. NW

#1606 West Edmonton Mall 8882 170 St. NW

Unit FC05 Londonderry Mall

Unit 427A Kingsway Mall


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Are you in search of amazing coffee and other café drinks? The Reinette Café in Millwoods is described as one of Edmonton’s hidden gems where you can receive a quaint French Café experience over fresh-baked goods, hot drinks, or handmade deli sandwiches. For your sweeter cravings, the west end’s The French Creperie can create delectable desserts with fruity, sweet, and nutty toppings. You can take the crepes in larger orders to go and create the perfect brunch or breakfast right at home.


The plates of Indian cuisine can vary from region to region, but all of it includes rich and bold flavours, fresh and bright vegetables, and all the savoury starches like naan bread and rice.

At south west Edmonton’s Towne Chef and south Edmonton’s Kurry Kebab, you can expect all the above, but each with their own take. Towne Chef is an Indian-fusion restaurant where you can enjoy roti, meatballs, paneer, samosas, and a selection of Indo-Chinese dishes.

Kurry Kebab’s focus is on the regional flavours found all over India and include items like Tikki Kebab, Seekh Kebab, chicken dishes, and a huge selection of vegetarian cuisine.



A wonderful thing about Lebanese food and other Mediterranean food is there is always something for everyone: simpler dishes to please kids, vegetarian dishes full of spice and flavour, and savoury meats and seafood. North Edmonton’s Sahara Palace is a large restaurant with a large menu of delicious Lebanese food and drink like Mezza (hot and cold), Mashawi, burgers, wraps, and sides like potato and yam fries. Further south on Whyte Avenue you can grab more authentic as well as fresh and local Lebanese dishes from a Taste of Lebanon.


For more Mediterranean cuisine but with the northern flair, Greek food can deliver on the flavour, the textures, and the variety. At Mythos Greek Taverna, they are known for authenticity and a thoughtful approach to their menu, with Greek favourites such as olives, feta, pita bread, souvlaki, lamb shank, and much more. Try one of their bigger platters for your next cohort dinner.


The equatorial location of Ethiopia and West Africa allow for tons of spice, plenty of rich colours, and fresh-baked breads. A favourite part of many Ethiopian meals also include Tibs, a savoury meat stew. Both Langano Skies on Whyte Avenue and Gebeta on 118th provide their own takes on this traditional Ethiopian dish, and both are worth a try!


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South African

Whether you’re looking for South African-inspired ingredients and products to create your own meal or would prefer to let someone else cook for you, Edmonton has a few amazing options for South African cuisine. Betsy’s Deli in South Edmonton is a great place to get started when cooking these dishes at home, and their bakery offers a huge selection of sweet treats. Narayanni’s, a South African restaurant, offers all the classic dishes but with a South Indian fusion where all menu items are baked and cooked from scratch.


If you love Vietnamese cuisine, then you probably love Pho. This incredibly comforting dish is great for the number of ways it can be created and cooked, and the variety of options of soup toppings. Love Pho on Parson’s (south Edmonton) have become well-know for of course their Pho, but beyond the soup you can taste so many more dishes of Vietnam like the salad rolls, vermicelli bowls, grilled meats, and stir fries.

Love Pho: 652 Parsons Rd. SW

(780) 807-8107


El Salvadorian

Authentic? Yes. Filling? Incredibly. Variety? Tons. Acajutla, an El Salvadorian Restaurant in central Edmonton, can promise all these things with their menu of spicy, savoury, and sweet options. If you are here to try something different, then this is your sign to try authentic Enchiladas, Flautas, Escabeche, and the piled-high burritos.


Elevate your next Taco Tuesday; elevate it with authentic Mexican cuisine and try more than tacos (its all great any other day of the week, too)! Huma Mexican Comfort is a little self-explanatory, but some examples of their homey, comforting dishes include “cozy soups,” nachos to bake at home, quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, a unique selection of tacos. Huma is in a south-central location, but the north end of Edmonton can also get this similarly authentic experience from Frida Urban Taqueria. Frida offers an equally-as-comforting menu, but with more of a street-food-flair.

Kerala Cuisine

Given India’s size, there are variations on Indian food throughout the country’s different regions. The south Indian state of Kerala has its own fare including a variety of meats, fish, and vegetarian dishes. Malayalees (or Keralites) eat plenty of meat and fish including beef. Try appam and fish molly or kappa and meen curry for your brunch for an authentic taste from the land of coconuts.


Appam and Beef; Kerala Restaurant

Sri Lankan

Some of Edmonton’s best Sri Lankan food is actually right beside Kerala South Indian Cuisine. The Kathir Food Experience has served Edmonton their delicious eats for over a decade, and continue to offer their breakfasts, dinners of donair, roti, or burgers, and other menus with Chinese and South Indian influence.


Get your fill of Caribbean food and drink any weekend out of the year at the Bountiful Farmer’s Market- this is where you can find Chefmon Caribbean Grill, a popular place to get meat (and beyond-meat) patties, burgers, and homemade hot sauce! Their food can be ordered to go and can make a great addition to your next picnic.


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Both of these excellent Edmonton Thai restaurants share one thing in common (besides a few dishes): their love of making good, quality food. But as Numchok Wilai state on their website, “Thai food is hard to describe,” so of course you must try it to get a true sense of the flavours. Numchok offer a variety of meat and rice dishes, noodles, seafood, soups, and a few vegetarian specials for lunch. Noi Thai’s menu offers another authentic Thai food experience- fill up on their soups, salads, curry, pad Thai, or special barbeque dishes.


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Lucky for us in Edmonton, you do not have to travel as far as Glendon for a good, authentic Ukrainian Perogy. The Shumka Ukrainian Foods is a locally owned and -operated business where you can get traditional and authentic dishes as to-go meals or as frozen meals. In addition to perogies, Shumka makes a tasty selection of cabbage rolls, nalysnyky, sauerkraut, meatballs, and much more.

Shumka Ukrainian Foods

Two locations:

Kingsway Mall 624 109 St. NW, (780) 474-6645

North 16520 95 St. NW, (780) 475-4666



There are a few restaurants and chef teams in Edmonton who draws their inspiration from local surroundings and traditional Indigenous recipes. You can find the Homefire Grill near West Edmonton Mall, and they’re head chef is dedicated to bringing you a homey meal straight from the grill. Further to the east you can find Tee Pee Treats with their new delivery and take-out menus; try a Bannock Burger or one of their delectable-looking cupcakes.


This Edmonton staple can be found, on a normal Sunday, with lineups around the corned for a reason. The authentic German breakfast and lunch offered by Barb & Ernie’s Old Country Inn (just south of Whyte Avenue) is a perfect way to start your day. These morning and afternoon food essentials can now be enjoyed from home- essentials like savoury bacon or sausage, eggs any way you please, and a build-your-own pancake menu. The menu starts with your option of German Bacon Pancakes, potato pancakes, French toast, a crepe, or a hotcake. From there, top it with fruit, meat, and sauces.


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Pannekoek are a traditional Dutch pancake or crepe, also popular in South Africa. These tasty pastries are De Dutch’s signature dish and serve as a fine way to get a taste of the Netherlands and their menu offers the dish in several ways. The restaurant features a Lunch and Breakfast menu, a signature Pannekoek menu, beverages, and gluten-free options.


You can now get your Po’boys as curbside pickup! Edmonton’s DaDeO is famous for their authentic Po’boy sandwiches, a New Orleans and Cajun-style handheld with a glorious number of toppings. For sharables and snacks, though, their appetizer menu of Cajun-style dishes is a great option for get togethers and tasting a little bit of everything.

  • DaDeO: 10548 A 82 Ave. NW; Ph: (780) 433-0930


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If you thought donairs only existed as wraps, think again. At Istanbul Kebab Donair, they offer a Turkish-style Doner Sandwich, which comes piled high with slow-roasted donair meat, fresh vegetables, all on top of a seasoned bun. You can taste many other traditional dishes from their menu as well, like kebabs, Pide, or a Turkish Breakfast.


The region of Northern Africa provides a colourful array of spices, vegetables, and overall flavour. You can capture all of this at the Moroccan-inspired Bedouins in Castle Downs. A must-try are their dips (Hummus and Mashweeya), and their healthy portions of chicken kebab, grilled fish, steak, and shawarma.


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While many European countries have differing dishes, varied twists on foods, and their own regional plates, these countries do share many ingredients and inspirations for their foods. All of these are brought together at Whyte Avenue’s Continental Treat. They draw their menu’s inspiration from Polish, German, Austrian, and Hungarian cuisine to bring you memorable lunches and dinners.

By: Bernadette Gallagher

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