Manitoba to Issue Fines to Those Who Violate Physical Distancing and Other COVID-19 Health Orders


Credit: Govt. of Manitoba

The Manitoba government has announced new pre-set fines for individuals or business owners who disregard public health orders.

This is part of ‘Operation Safe Apart’ pandemic public health enforcement strategy, a collaboration between the Manitoba government and the City of Winnipeg.


The fines are set at $486 for individuals and $2,542 for businesses if they violate public health orders including:

  • restrictions on public gatherings to 10 or fewer people,
  • require the closure of non-essential businesses, and
  • enforcement of social distancing measures by businesses and services that remain open including ensuring a two-metre distance is kept between people in the facility or premises.

Manitoba will be implementing a multi-tiered enforcement approach to enforcing orders, which will include public education, written warning or ultimately, enforcement actions such as ticketing or arrest if necessary. The City of Winnipeg will utilize Community Service Ambassadors to participate in public education and awareness, with bylaw officer and support from the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) where required.

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