March 30: Snapshot of COVID-19 Cases in Ontario


Credit: Govt. of Ontario. Confirmed cases (n=1,706) of COVID-19 by public health unit Ontario, January 15, 2020 to March 29, 2020.

Ontario has reported 351 new cases of COVID-19 cases taking the total number of cases to 1706.

23 people have died due to COVID-19 related complications in Ontario. It is unclear how many of the 9 residents of Bobcaygeon nursing home who have died of COVID-19 is included in the province’s numbers.

CBC is also reporting that more than 430 patients in Ontariohospital intensive care beds have either tested positive for COVID-19 or are suspected to have the coronavirus. The province’s official COVID-19 status does not reflect this.

The report of 351 new cases is also the largest single-day increase since the province started reporting the status of COVID-19 cases.

Summary of Cases in Ontario – Sunday, March 29, 2020

Ontario government has published an epidemiologic summary of COVID-19 cases in the province.



This is based on data reported by the 34 public health units across Ontario and recorded in the province’s integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS) at 4:00 p.m., March 29 (Sunday).

Keep in mind: The data only represent cases reported to public health and recorded in iPHIS. As a result, all counts will be subject to varying degrees of underreporting due to a variety of factors, such as disease awareness and medical care seeking behaviours, which may depend on severity of illness, clinical practice, changes in laboratory testing, and reporting behaviours.

  • 1,706 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario reported to date in iPHIS.
  • Of these: 50.2% of cases are male, 49.1% are female.
  • The median age is 50, ranging in age from <1 to 100 years of age.
  • Greater Toronto Area public health units account for 61.4% of cases.
  • Of all cases, 26.3% had travelled in the 14 days prior to becoming ill, 9.6% had close contact with a confirmed case, 16.2% had neither and 47.9% have exposure information pending.
  • 19 and under accounted for 2.5%, 20 to 64 accounted for 77.3% and 65 and over accounted for 20.1% of COVID-19 cases.
  • Of the 1,706 cases, 9.9 % were hospitalized, 3.6% are in intensive care and 0.9 % died. (The province says that there may be reporting delay for deaths in iPHIS.)

Detailed information is available here.

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