Stage 3 Gathering Limits & Rules in Ontario

imageThe province has increased gathering limits in jurisdictions entering Stage 3 on July 17th.

Indoor gatherings of up to 50 people not including venue staff are allowed in Stage 3 regions while outdoor gatherings can include as many as 100 people. In all cases, individuals are required to continue to maintain physical distancing of at least two metres with people from outside their households or social circles. Social circles limit remain at 10.


Stage 3 Gathering Limits & Rules in Ontario

  • Indoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 50 people.
  • Outdoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 100 people.
  • All businesses, services and public spaces when hosting an event are subject to indoor or outdoor gathering limits and ensuring physical distancing can be maintained.
  • People at their place of work, including performers and crews, do not count towards gathering limits.
  • People gathering indoors for religious services, rites or ceremonies, and wedding ceremonies or funeral services, can continue to fill up to 30 per cent.
  • Gathering limits apply to higher risk settings and activities where people congregate, including:
    • All organized or spontaneous indoor and outdoor events and social gatherings
      (e.g., parties, fundraisers, fairs, wedding receptions, funeral receptions)
    • Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments
    • Concerts and live shows, including performing arts
    • Convention centres and other meeting or event spaces
    • Facilities for sports and recreational fitness activities (e.g., gyms, fitness studios)
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