Seven People Sent Back to Canada After Trying to Illegally Enter U.S. by Driving Across a Lawn


Credit: USBPChiefSWB/Twitter

1904 constructed Haskell Free Library and Opera House sits on the international border between Quebec, Canada and Vermont, United States.

On July 4th, 7 people who were residents of France, Canada & Romania tried to enter the U.S. driving an SUV across the lawn of the building from Stanstead, Quebec to Derby Line, Vermont.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection caught up with the vehicle on I-91 and all seven were expelled to Canada.


Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia of United States Border Patrol Swanton Sector released the video of the incident on Thursday.


According to Wikipedia, “Derby Line is known for the Haskell Free Library and Opera House, a line house deliberately constructed on the international border and opened in 1904. The donors were a binational couple: Carlos F. Haskell was a local American businessman who owned a number of sawmills, while Martha Stewart Haskell was Canadian. The intent was that people on both sides of the border would have use of the facility, which is now a designated historic site. Patrons of the library from either side of the border may use the facility without going through border security.”


Credit: Google Maps

About five buildings in Derby Line intersect the international border.

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