Two Nova Scotia Men Charged After Child Put in Trunk of Car in Mall Parking Lot


Credit: RCMP Nova Scotia

Two Yarmouth, N.S., men are facing charges following an incident during which a child was put into the trunk of a car Friday morning at a strip mall.

Nova Scotia RCMP said today a 33-year-old man put a child whom he knew into the trunk of a car and then went inside a store.

When he returned from the store and retrieved the child from the trunk, he was confronted by a 19-year-old man with a firearm.

The 19-year-old witness called police and unsuccessfully tried to prevent the two from leaving before police arrived.

The witness is facing weapons-related charges while the 33-year-old is facing charges of criminal negligence, abandonment, and forcible confinement.

Police say the entire incident was captured on surveillance video at the Yarmouth strip mall.


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