You Can Now Explore Alberta’s Forests Virtually


Credit: AFPA Launches Virtual Forest Tour

You can now explore Alberta’s forests virtually as Alberta Forest Products Association has launched a Virtual Forest Tour, narrated by Alberta-born movie and television star Nathan Fillion.

The Virtual Forest Tour is part of AFPA’s Love Alberta Forests campaign, which seeks to inform Albertans on the many benefits Alberta’s forests offer and how AFPA care for them in return. Through the tour, AFPA shows how forests grow and change over time – and emphasizing how each stage of their lifecycle has different advantages for people, plants and wildlife.


The forestry sector plays an important role as a renewable, sustainable industry in Alberta. Over 70 communities in Alberta were developed around forestry and are driven by forestry jobs.

President and CEO of AFPA Jason Krips said, “One of the best ways to inform people about the industry is to go into the forest with them and explain all the complex factors at play. During the pandemic, we thought we’d create a fun, virtual forest tour that shows the value our forests provide over their whole lifespan.

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We invite Albertans to visit the site, poke around and learn how we care for these complex ecosystems that are so important to all of us. It’s the next best thing to a walk in the woods with Nathan Fillion.”

Alberta-born film and television actor, Nathan Fillion, who got his start with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre and Die-Nasty narrates the walking tour every step of the way. Nathan Fillion is best known for leading roles in the TV shows Firefly and Castle and is currently starring in the ABC series The Rookie.

The Alberta Forest Products Association is a non-profit organization that represents companies manufacturing lumber, panelboard, pulp and paper, and secondary manufactured wood products in Alberta.

AFPA’s Virtual Forest Tour Narrated by Actor Nathan Fillion


Credit: AFPA Launches Virtual Forest Tour

What: Learn how young, middle-aged, and mature forests all provide unique benefits for people, plants and animals through the virtual tour that lets users explore the forest ecosystem at each lifecycle stage.

Who: The free Virtual Forest Tour is available to anyone in Alberta (or elsewhere) interested in learning about the forest lifecycle.

Where: Online


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