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  1. Jessie

    Our expectations for this Glamping adventure were sorely dashed. First the boat pick up was dangerous especially in wet conditions. Climbing down a wet muddy hill and walking across a 14inch wide ledge with NOTHING to hang on to with a river right next to. If you have small children I do not recommend this!

    We stayed in a family dome which was awesome and spacious however it was NOT STOCKED with any of the things that are promised to you. No cooking tools, Utensils, French press, flashlights or any of that. You must ask for anything you need. Which is inconvenient especially when you need it right then Or if you can’t find the guide. Paying that much money for 1 night every site should have it fully stocked. If you go be sure to pack everything you would regularly take with you camping.

    They had andirondack chairs on the deck but no chairs for around the fire pit. The ground is SUPER lumpy and moving those heavy heavy chairs we couldn’t find any flat ground to sit 3 of the chairs. Folding camping chairs would be so much better.

    We ended up going during a wet night and the dome is not sealed at the base. We had literal rivers going through the dome and had to keep all the belongings on the beds. Aswell as all the electrical cords were in puddles when we arrived.There is no place to hang any coats or wet belongings. Investing in a coat rack would be a great Idea.

    The eco toilet situation is not as terrible as I imagined but is not ideal. A seat, plastic bag and a scoop of kitty litter in a private tent.

    The wood they provided was minimal and then cost $25 for more. Definitely not enough for one night and you will need more wood. All the wood was wet and not a single piece of kindling. We asked for a hatchet and they brought a huge ax to use.

    You have to leave the site at 11 but our family of 4 couldn’t all fit on the same boat until 2. Not one of the staff spoke to us during those 3 hours to let us know what was available for us to do. No bathroom, no fire to cook lunch and no guidance what so ever.

    It’s a cool thought but defintly not organized and is not the same as it is represented.

    June 11, 2021 at 4:31 PM
  2. Shirley

    Booked this glamping experience and it sure has been an experience dealing with your company!!
    And I’m not meaning in a good way.
    Changing pick up spots frequently, which was notified about but then to change the VIP meals WITHOUT any notification is unacceptable!! We chose the VIP as didn’t want to have to haul in food, prepare or cook it. This was done without any changes to the VIP package!! We were still being charged the same amount but getting less!!
    May be the 1st year this company is doing this BUT not starting out very well!!

    June 20, 2021 at 12:46 PM

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