12 Places to Get Cocktail and Wine Kits in Winnipeg


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In the mood for some cocktails or wine, but lockdown procedures have you stuck at home? Not to worry—there are plenty of places in Winnipeg where you can pick up cocktail and winemaking kits. Here are some of those places.

I. Cocktail Kits

Patent 5


Located in Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District, Patent 5 is a bar and distillery. While you can purchase bottles of their gin and vodka on their own, you can also pick up a few of their cocktail kits. Try their prairie passion kit, or go for a classic with their gin and tonic kit. With so many options, you can’t go wrong! Details

Address: 108 Alexander Ave.
Contact: (204) 808-8614


Patent 5 Distillery

De Luca Fine Wines

You might know this store for its wines, but did you know they also sell cocktail kits? Try their morning mimosa starter and wake up in the best way possible. Or give their Moscow mule starter a shot if you’re in the mood for something spicier. Details

Address: 942 Portage Ave.
Contact: (204) 783-9463

Kenaston Wine Market

Next time you go here to grab a bottle of wine, why not pick up one or two of their cocktail kits too? Their cocktail basket has everything you need to make a delicious cocktail in the comfort of your own home. And for those who prefer their cocktails to be alcohol-free, they sell a mocktail kit too! Details

Address: 1855A Grant Ave.
Contact: (204) 488-9463

LOCAL Public Eatery

This restaurant’s dine-in services might be closed right now, but you can still order their drink kits to recreate the experience in your own home. From Caesars to sangria to Aperol spritz, you can enjoy any kind of cocktail your heart desires. They also offer meal kits, so complete the experience by snagging one of these too! Details

Address: 275 Garry St.
Contact: (204) 557-1729

Amsterdam Tea Room

This quaint Dutch-inspired tea room doesn’t just sell tea. They sell unique, creative tea-based cocktails, and you can buy all the supplies you need to make your own. Grab their craft tea cocktail set for everything you need! Details

Address: 103-211 Bannatyne Ave.
Contact: (204) 946-1777


The Amsterdam Tea Room and Bar

The Locals Wpg

Shop for all your Winnipeg-themed needs at this awesome shop. Browsing their food and drink section, you’ll find teas, coffee, and—you guessed it—cocktail kits! Make yourself a mai tai, a gin and tonic, or treat yourself to a champaign cocktail with one of their kits. Details

Address: 196 Osborne St.
Contact: (204) 202-3184


The Locals

Wine Kits

Moonshiners Unlimited

Interested in trying to make your own wine? Try grabbing one of the wine kits from Moonshiners Unlimited. They have a range of kits available, including international and fruit wines. They also have beer and cider kits, so you can try your hand at those too! Details

Address: 417 Turenne St.
Contact: (204) 237-3333

Grain to Glass


With all the free time lockdown has afforded us, it’s no wonder many people are picking up new hobbies. If you’re looking for something new to try, why not winemaking? Grain to Glass has wine kits for sale, along with every other tool you could need for making your own delicious wine at home. Details

Address: 579 St. Mary’s Rd.
Contact: (204) 615-2739

Wine Baril

Whether you’re in the mood for wine or some beer or cider, Wine Baril has everything you need to make these treats at home. Grab one of their wine kits and feel pride knowing that you made everything yourself. They’re currently offering special chocolate-flavoured wine kits for the holidays, so pick one up before they sell out! Details

Address: 591 Archibald St.
Contact: (204) 237-3936


Wine Baril

Pick up a wine kit of two from Grape & Grain and get to work with your winemaking! With 4 types of wine kits available and everything from a cabernet sauvignon to a pinot grigio, there are almost endless possibilities. Their storefront is currently closed, but their online store is always open! Details

Address: 726 Osborne St.
Contact: (204) 257-6770

Brewers Direct

This 100% Manitoba-owned company is the perfect place to pick up some winemaking supplies. With two locations in Winnipeg and a few more throughout the province, you’re never far from the things you need to make a few bottles of wine. Check out their wine kits and start brewing! Details

Address: 1400A Sargent Ave./2-1514 Sargent Ave.
Contact: 1-800-958-9463

Wine Sense


This store has everything you could need to make your own wine at home. Plus, with so many locations throughout the city, it’s never hard to pick up what you need. Check out their available wine kits, and try your hand at a rose, a merlot, or a sauvignon blanc! Details

Address: 115 Vermillion Rd.
Contact: info@mywinesense.com

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