15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax

15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax

Credit: EnVie – A Vegan Kitchen

Being a vegetarian is no longer an odd choice. In fact, meatless options are on the rise, and you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to appreciate a vegetable-based meal. Many nutritionists even recommend “going meatless” at least one night a week, so why not do it at one of these restaurants? The following Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax are a mix of vegetarian/vegan focused restaurants and places which offer a robust amount of vegetarian options, while still having meat options.

EnVie – A Vegan Kitchen

Just like all squares are rectangles (but not all rectangles are squares), all vegan food is by definition vegetarian. That alone makes EnVie a great place to have a meatless meal, but it has so much more to offer. They source local ingredients and make several of their vegan alternatives (like cheeze and seitan bacon) from scratch in house. They offer options for many allergies (e.g. gluten, soy, and nuts), and both their regular and brunch menus have a wide range of dishes, sure to please any palate.
Address: 5775 Charles Street
Phone: 902-492-4077

Mary’s Place Cafe II

Mary’s Place offers something for everyone. They have vegetarian options for every category, even breakfast (they serve a lot of falafel. They also have a Vegan Combo option, where you can choose three options from both Greek and Canadian cuisine. To top it all off, all the food is very reasonably priced, and the restaurant is very pretty.
Address: 5982 Spring Garden Road
Phone: 902-404-7171

Lemon Tree Restaurant

Having culturally diverse food options is a great way to expand your vegetarian horizons. The Lemon Tree Restaurant has Turkish and Lebanese food, focusing on kebab dishes. They have a huge array of options for vegetarian and vegan diners, and they have a variety of combos to match. They have a beautiful dessert menu too. If you don’t feel like making the journey to the Bedford Highway (which counts as a journey when you don’t have a car), you can always order delivery!
Address: 805 Bedford Highway
Phone: 902-835-5646

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The Wooden Monkey

The Wooden Monkey has been in the top three of the Coast’s Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant for the last several years, winning gold a few times. Their focus is healthy, local food, and they have an almost 1:1 ratio when it comes to vegetarian options. They can accommodate gluten sensitivity, and they have a great kid’s menu if you have a budding vegetarian on your hands. You’ll be supporting local farmers, enjoying a wide array of vegetarian dishes, and best of all they now have a beer garden on the Waterfront in the summer, so you can enjoy their local-focused drinks menu wherever you want.
Address & Phone: 1707 Grafton Street, 902-444-3844
Address & Phone: Dartmouth Ferry Terminal Level 2, 902-466-3100


15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax

Credit: Heartwood

Another frequent member of that Coast list, Heartwood is one of the older members of the vegetarian restaurant community. Established in 1995, Heartwood prides itself on offering a huge assortment of healthy, hearty dishes. They also have a kid’s menu, serving vegetarian options with organic juice and seasonal veggies on the side. And for those who pride themselves on their sweet tooth, they have cookies and cheesecake selections that will make your mouth water.
Address & Phone: 6250 Quinpool Road, 902-425-2808
3061 Gottingen Street, 902-404-9901

Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar

15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax

Credit: Wild Leek

The Wild Leek is a tiny restaurant with a big mission: brunch all day, a bunch of options for mains, and providing fresh juice and smoothies. And it manages to do all of that very successfully. You can also host private events there, or they can come to you with their catering service. On top of all that, they’re also a bakery, which has cookies, cakes and more.
Address: 2156 Windsor Street
Phone: 902-444-5466

Pür & Simple

15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax

Credit: Pür & Simple

When you’re a vegetarian, you’re a vegetarian at all times of the day. And if you’re looking for a place with a fantastic variety of vegetarian-friendly options, Pür & Simple is the place to go. They have a huge variety of sweet and savoury dishes with generous portions, all at unbeatable prices. Sit down in their lovely open and bright restaurant, and no matter what your taste, you will have a fantastic breakfast.
Address: 535 Portland Street, Dartmouth (Penhorn Plaza)
Phone: 902-463-2829


Tarek’s is a lunch-and-early-supper type of restaurant, serving Canadian, Greek, and Lebanese food. They have a wide array of options across those cuisines, and there’s plenty of delicious vegetarian food. Their specialty is pitas, and they have nine different vegetarian pitas on offer. All of their dishes are available at great prices, and while the restaurant is rather small it’s the easiest thing in the world to pick up your food and head home to enjoy (or if you can’t wait, start snacking in the car).
Address: 3045 Robie Street
Phone: 902-454-8723

Sushi Jet

Sushi Jet offers an all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner sushi option. That alone sets it apart from other Halifax options, but their selection is also enormous. The menu is about four pages long and it’s roughly half-and-half when it comes to vegetarian options; they even have fruit sushi (which is delicious). Bring friends and try a bit of everything–you pay a la carte for anything you don’t finish, so plan wisely, take breaks, and enjoy your meal together.
Address: 5518 Spring Garden Road
Phone: 902-420-7888

Star Anise Vietnamese Noodles

This is a restaurant with a very specific name for a very specific cuisine. They do indeed have several noodle dishes, but they have other options available like soup and spring rolls. Their vegetarian menu has lots of options, including several of their noodle soups. This restaurant is available for delivery, but it’s also very conveniently on Barrington, close to lots of activities for the rest of the evening.
Address: 1571 Barrington Street
Phone: 902-422-2602

Panda Buffet

Buffets are best when they’re all-you-can-eat, and Panda Buffet certainly delivers. They have a huge selection of food for all courses (with loads of vegetarian options), and even have some Western-style food like French fries and onion rings. You can eat as much as you want, and whatever you want, all for the same low price. They even have a huge dessert selection, from fresh fruit to ice cream to brownies.
Address: Westphal Plaza, 100 Main Street, Dartmouth
Phone: 902-405-8700

Baba Ghanouj Café

Specializing in Canadian-Middle Eastern cuisine, Baba Ghanouj lives up to the wide variety under that umbrella. They serve all day breakfast, have several falafel dishes, and their portions are great value for the price. You can have several courses for your meal, or stick to your personal favourites. This restaurant offers pick-up and delivery, perfectly complimenting its versatile menu.
Address: 1701 Barrington Street
Phone: 902-404-3144

Piatto Pizzeria

Pizza is a great choice when accommodating various tastes, because it’s a versatile dish. Piatto celebrates that versatility with all of their pizzas, several of which are vegetarian and vegan. They go further, though, by making the rest of the menu just as versatile, with antipasti, pasta, and desserts that will please everyone. Make sure to try the coffee on offer; Illy Caffe, “Italy’s finest coffee”.
Address: 1299 Hollis Street
Phone: 902-406-0909

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Poutine may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of vegetarian food. Nevertheless, Smoke’s Poutinerie is out to prove you wrong. If you’re just looking for the classic fries-gravy-cheese curds combo, you can have that with vegetarian gravy. On the other hand, if you like your poutine dressed up, they have five different vegetarian poutines. Open until 3AM, this is a great late-night snack, and hey, if there are vegetables on it that means it’s healthy, right?
Address: 5236 Blowers Street
Phone: 902-422-6762
(Seasonally they have a location on the Waterfront too)

Katch Seafood

15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax

Credit: Katch – A Modern Seafood Shack

With “seafood” in the title, this may not be a vegetarian’s first choice. However, the Katch does provide some great vegetarian options. They have soups and sushi, but their greatest option (regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian or not) are their Poke bowls. You build your bowl up from a rice base, with dozens of mix-ins to choose from. And their dessert options–deep fried Mars Bars and deep-fried Oreos are vegetarian as well (though it requires an open mind and a sense of adventure to eat a serving all on your own–which makes it perfect for sharing!)
Address: The Halifax Waterfront, Halifax Shopping Centre food court, Scotia Square Mall food court, 1560 Grafton Street (Pizza Corner)
Phone (for all): 902-429-1900

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