15 Places to Get Tasty Bubble Tea in Calgary


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Bubble tea might be one of the most underrated summer drinks available to us Albertans and Canadians. Some of the best bubble tea in Calgary comes served ice cold, as a slush, or as a smoothie, making it not only refreshing but healthy too! These Calgary tea shops can serve a wide variety from hot and cold, fruity, or milky, rich or light, the possibilities seem almost endless with bubble tea creations.

Take your time over summer and fall to check out the many popular bubble tea spots in Calgary and be sure to try a little bit of everything along your way.

Kung Fu Tea


There are several ways to enjoy bubble tea from the top-rated Kung Fu Tea! You can try your tea in a chocolate, matcha, or brown sugar latte; you can try your tea with milk and flavours like rose, ginger, or pudding; or you can get it served over fruit and bubbles made with coconut and jelly. You can also try slushes, smoothies, or bubble tea floats. The possibilities do seem endless here, so you’ll just need to come back again.

Happy Tea

Enjoy not only bubble tea but Happy Tea’s full Taiwanese café. Alongside your drink you can taste appetizers, fries, vegetable dishes, and various meat dishes. Some of their drinks may fill you up just as well, as you can get bubble tea made with yogurt in a smoothie, or with tons of fruit in an icy slush. You can also continue to create your perfect bubble tea with a variety of add-ons made available to you.

  • Happy Tea: #250 1110 Panatella Blvd NW, Calgary. Phone: (403) 226-8288

Don’t Yell at Me

Yell about how much you love their bubble tea, just don’t yell it at them! There are several categories of tea to love, too: Cheese Cream top, Old Master Formulas, Fresh Milk teas, flavoured sparkling waters, and coffees. Don’t Yell at Me also serve a delicious spread of pastries which would pair well with any of their many drinks.


Who knew bubble tea could bring so much joy and happiness? HAPPY CUP knows and bring you that joy with blends of fruit smoothie, iced teas, and an assortment of bubble teas. These simple fruity or milky teas come poured over tapioca pearls and can be made even more filling with their several jelly, pearl, or boba extras.

  • HAPPY CUP: #201 2525 Woodview Dr. SW, Calgary. Phone: (587) 439-1237

Pearl House Cafe

This downtown beverage café can offer a wide assortment of bubble tea drinks ready to pickup or be delivered. Most of their drinks come served over pearls/bubbles, and can be made as either slush, Taiwan style tea, milk tea, hot drinks, or as a fresh fruit juice drink. There are also several fruity jellies you can add to your drink like lychee, pineapple, green apple, or mango.


Yummy Q Desserts

If you’d prefer to drink your cold dessert this summer, Yummy Q create deliciously cold bubble tea drinks with fresh fruit and tea, or you can skip the drinks altogether and go for a gelato!

Panda’s Brew

There are many reasons to try Panda’s Brew: their Cheesecake Tea series, their Cheese Foam drinks, their lattes, and sparkling drinks are some of the reasons. But you can also get traditional cups of milk tea and fruit tea. Panda’s also create a savoury spread of flavoured handmade pretzels.


You can enjoy a hearty lunch or dinner at Chatime in addition to their delicious bubble tea. If it is the bubble tea you are after, you’ll be pleased to know Chatime has a huge tea menu with hot and cold options: choose from milk, fruit, QQ jelly, mousse/lattes, smoothies, a special Wintermelon series, and plenty of food!

  • Chatime: #23 4307 130 Ave SE, Calgary. Phone: (403) 455-4888
  • The Core Shopping Centre (across Indigo Book Store)

Ami Tea Dover

Enjoy a classic and large cup of bubble tea made with black, jasmine, green or earl grey teas. And create your own special bubble tea blend with tasty extras like grass jelly, mango boba, lychee jelly, or yogurt boba. Ami Tea also feature a Black Sugar series which uses a darker and richer sugar to sweeten the bubble tea.

  • Ami Tea Dover: #9 3525 26 Ave SE, Calgary. Phone: (403) 455-2268

Koi Fresh Fruits & Tea

Even if this is your first time trying bubble tea, Koi Fresh Fruits & Tea is a great place to start with their massive menu of drinks. Choose from fresh flavours of fruit teas, macchiatos, milk teas or lattes, milk shakes, cheese tea, or leaf-brewed tea.



There are two locations in Calgary for this Canadian bubble tea shop, and one more on the way! Their premium teas come blended with fresh fruits and brown sugar pearls, providing a rich texture and plenty of flavour. For a refreshing summer drink, their Fresh Fruit Teas offer chilled flavours like grapefruit & lemon, passionfruit, orange jasmine, or lemon earl grey.

  • Truedan Calgary: 1015 Centre St. NW #18., Calgary. Phone: (587) 351-6088
  • 10B-6219 Centre St. NW., Calgary. Phone: (403) 457-7888


The average bubble tea can be made a lot tastier with chocolate! Presotea offer a variety of rich drinks including chocolate smoothies, chocolate lattes, and chocolate salted milk foam. Other warming but cold creations to try from Presotea include the Dirty Coco, Dirty Joe, or Dirty Milk Tea. They do also have a huge selection of fruit and milk bubble teas.

  • Presotea: 614b 17 Ave. SW, Calgary. Phone: (403) 455-9917

Royal Tea House

The fun concoctions from Royal Tea House should be considered with a bubble waffle. Royal Tea create several types of bubble tea to choose from, but also a selection of bubble waffles that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a snack: choose from chocolate, cheese, coffee, cinnamon, or other waffle types! Their bubble teas are offered as slushes, smoothies, sparkling water, fruit tea, over brown sugar pearls, with cheese milk foam, or as a classic milk tea.

Bubblemania Café

If you have bubblemania, it is okay! This café can assist you. Their large drink menu can cater to all types of bubble tea fanatics from those who love it as a milk or smoothie tea, to those who love it more as a fruity drink or slush. They have several flavours of each kind of bubble tea, so we encourage trying at least one of each!


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Gong Cha

There are many Gong Cha locations from which to order their tasty bubble teas: Chinatown, Country Hills, Chinook Centre, Market Mall, Lincoln Park, Cross Iron Mills, and Marlborough. This Canadian establishment is growing across the prairies due to their menu of original and unique bubble tea creations.

Gong Cha Calgary:

  • Gong Cha Chinatown: 106A 303 Centre St. SW , Calgary. Phone: ​(403) 264-9995
  • Gong Cha Cross Iron Mills: 261055 Cross Iron Blvd. K22, Rocky View No. 44. Phone: (825) 222-7382
  • Gong Cha Country Hills: 40 Country Hills Landing NW #222, Calgary. Phone: (403) 226-0060
  • Gong Cha MRU Lincoln Park: 14 A, 22 Richard Way SW, Calgary. Phone: (403) 727-7515
  • Gong Cha Chinook Centre: 6455 Macleod Trail, Calgary. Phone: (403) 258-1999
  • Gong Cha Market Mall: 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, Calgary. Phone: (403) 764-9897
  • Gong Cha Marlborough: 920 36 St. NE Unit #111, Calgary. Phone: (403)764-0809

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