25 of the Best Places to Get Barbecue Kits and Take Outs in Edmonton


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Looking for some great ideas and inspiration for your next barbecue? Instead of the same old food, try something new on the grill like a specially curated BBQ Kit, some of Edmonton’s best barbecue takeout, or the finest meats from the finest local butchers.


Among all these places you can find barbecue classics like sausages, burgers, wings, and ribs. But beyond all the traditional barbecue foods you’ll also find exotic meats to try for the first time; barbecue meals and platters from other cultures or countries; delicious sides that help make a barbecue a feast; and other refreshing things to help make your meal extra special like cocktails and desserts.

BBQ Kits & Boxes

Sunterra Market

The Sunterra Meal Kits are summer- and barbecue-ready. Choose from proteins to grill, like chorizo sausage, pulled pork, handmade burgers, or Sunterra Smokies. In addition to these kits, this market can also fulfil any needs for sides, cold drinks, or appetizers.

Sunterra Market

  • Commerce Place: (780) 426-3791 / 201 10150 Jasper Ave.
  • Lendrum:(780) 434-2610 / 5728 111 St. NW

The Black Pearl Seafood Bar

Great seafood is made even better when it is fresh off the grill. The Black Pearl can help make this happen for you with their BBQ Captain’s Pack. This filling kit of seafood includes jumbo prawn, filet mignon, surf & turf skewers, crab, mussels, and of course, the butter!

The Black Pearl Seafood Bar: 10132 104 St. NW

Phone: (780) 705-7887


You have several options for great barbecue food from Edmonton’s local RGE RD. Among these are grill kits, 3 course dinner boxes, picnic kits, Park Pops (a kit of cold drinks), burger kits, and cocktail kits. The 3-course dinner boxes are heat and serve, while the burger and grill kits will have you at the barbecue.

RGE RD: 10643 123 St. NW

Phone: (780) 447-4577

Highlevel Diner

Be your own Backyard Hero with these BBQ Box options from a local favourite, the Highlevel Diner. The BBQ Boxes offer burgers, with plenty of topping options like maple garlic aioli, their signature burger sauce, roasted mushrooms, and pickles. Buns are included, and you can amp up the meal with the HLD’s comfort food menu, sweet treats menu, or beverages. Barbecue Kit Details

Highlevel Diner: 10912 88 Ave. NW

Phone: (780) 433-0993


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Become your own chef at the grill this summer with Earls’ Chef Kits. These can easily be considered BBQ Kits, as long as you have the barbecue! Choose from tasty varieties like the BBQ Ribs Kit, Roasted Salmon for Two, Cajun Chicken, or the Pizza Party Kit for 4. Along the Chef Kits, they also serve cocktail kits so you can be your own bartender as well!


  • Tin Palace: 11830 Jasper Avenue; (780) 488-6582
  • Campus: 8629 112th Street, Campus Towers; (780) 439-4848
  • South Edmonton Common: 1505 99 St NW; (780) 485-6877
  • Whitemud Crossing: 4250 Calgary Trail NW; (780) 439-5888
  • 13330 50 St NW; (780) 473-9008


Enjoy a famous Sawmill steak from home, and cook it just the way you like it. They offer a variety of cuts in 4-packs: Certified Angus 7 oz. Sirloin, Certified Angus 10 oz. Sirloin, Certified Angus 14 oz. Sirloin, Certified Angus 12 oz. NY Striploin, AAA 6 oz. Filet Mignon, AAA 8 oz. Filet Mignon, and AAA 14 oz. Ribeye.


  • South: 4810 Calgary Trail NW; (780) 437-5616
  • Terra Losa: 9504 – 170 St. NW; (780) 486-5866

Vivo Hawkstone

These aren’t your average grill kits. Enjoy something on the fancier barbecued side with Vivo’s Filet Mignon or Lamb Chop Kits, ready-to-grill. The packages serve two people, and also include house-baked Focaccia, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, mixed vegetable skewers, and two servings of summer berry tiramisu. Barbecue Kit Details

Vivo Ristorante: 18352 – Lessard Road, Hawkstone Plaza

Phone: 780.756.7710

Malt & Mortar

Looking for a perfect party snack to grill up? Malt & Mortar are offering a BBQ Slider Kit with your choice of protein (can order a mixture) and sides. M&M provide you with all the tasty toppings and the buns and some French fries to snack on with your sliders. And for full meals, you can sink your teeth into their Striploin Steak Kit or Burger Kit for Four. Barbecue Kit Details

Malt & Mortar: 10416 82 Ave. NW

Phone: (587) 454-6093

Dookbaeki Korean Restaurant

These perfectly packaged and convenient meals for two from Dookbaeki will make your barbecue dinner simple, mess free, and incredibly delicious. This southside Korean restaurant specializes in barbecue and tasty meat, and you can take this home in their BAEKJEONG Kits for Two. Choose from either Bulgogi or marinated pork shoulder for your protein and enjoy a side of fresh vegetables.

Dookbaeki Korean Restaurant: 2872 Calgary Trail NW

Phone: (587) 524-4336

State & Main

Steak is on the State & Main barbecue menu! Enjoy a Steak Meal Kit for Two filled with everything you need for the perfect but small outdoor cookout. You’ll receive two 6-oz. sirloin steaks with marinade and seasoning, pre-seasoned asparagus heat-to-serve mashed potatoes. Wash it all down with a margarita, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or G&T via their cocktail kits! Barbecue Kit Details

State & Main: #850, 5015 111 St. NW

Phone: (587) 524-3251

Barbecue to-go

Tastebuds Caribbean Barbecue

Tastebuds’ barbecue will allow you to bring a 5-star experience home to your kitchen table. This Jamaican-barbecue fusion restaurant and catering service can serve small groups and large. And along with all the savoury grilled meats like chicken wings, jerk chicken, meatloaf, curry coat, or Caribbean oxtail, you can also order a ton of different sides and salads to complete your meal.

Tastebuds Caribbean Barbecue: 8717 53 Ave. NW

Phone: (780) 995-9248

Joanne’s BBQ House

Joanne serves up a wide selection of smash burgers which are piled high with fresh, local ingredients. You can order crispy chicken, crispy beef, or selections like the Hawaiian and the Breakfast burgers. For other classic barbecue options, Joanne’s also offers crispy pork belly, beef brisket, skewers, and full roasted chickens or turkeys.

Joanne’s BBQ House: 13119 156 St. NW

Phone: (780) 447-9644



MEAT have gradually established themselves as a favourite in Old Strathcona and Edmonton for authentic southern BBQ. A good way to start with their menu is the Meat Sampling Platter, perfect for a few guests. It includes their beef brisket (the fall apart, melt-in-your-mouth-kind), pulled pork, a fried chicken thigh, half a smoked chicken, and a link of Meuwly’s Andouille Sausage. But their menu does not end at the protein: it also contains tasty sweets, sides, sandwiches, bottles of barbecue sauce, brunch, and alcoholic drinks.

MEAT: 8216 104 St. NW

Phone: (587) 520-6338


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Smokehouse BBQ

You have a few options when it comes to how to get your Smokehouse BBQ meals: you can find out where their food truck will be next, you can stop by their physical store, or make an order online. Their current menu is divided between lunch with eight different sandwich options, and dinner with a variety of barbecued meats and sides. And don’t forget your desserts!

Smokehouse BBQ: 8310 Roper Rd NW

Phone: (587) 521-6328

Cebuchon & BBQ: Filipino Roast and Grill

The term Cebuchon comes from Cebu, a place in the Philippines, and Lechon (roasted pork), a dish made famous in Cebu: Cebuchon. Along with a ton of barbecue pork options, Cebuchon also offers chicken, seafood, large platters, and authentic Filipino sweets for dessert.

Cebuchon & BBQ: 7451 Roper Rd. NW

Phone: (780) 717-1449


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That Bar-B-Q Place

Choose from a mouth-watering selection of sandwiches, family platters, sides, meat combos, and original sauces from THAT Bar-B-Q Place. Their menu can be a great option for one, a couple, or an entire family, and meats can also be ordered by the pound: pulled pork, beef brisket, turkey breast, or ribs. And for even more variety, you can even get your BBQ sauce or buns as gluten-free.

That Bar-B-Q Place: #230-220 Lakeland Dr.

Phone: (780) 570-5880

Rub’d Smokehouse BBQ

There are several options available from Rub’d which will elevate your barbecue to the next level. They serve a few different types of beef brisket platters and plates, pulled pork plates, “beer butt” chicken, or andouille pork sausage. And to complement all the flavoured meats you can order Mac n’ Cheese, Chili, poutine, coleslaw, and several other sides and sauces.

Rub’d Smokehouse BBQ: 10266 103 St. NW

Phone: (780) 220-5014


Authentic Korean barbecue foods are excellent shareables and the perfect addition to any outdoor feast. Daore provide huge variety with 13 different barbecue dishes to choose from, as well as sides like rice, noodles, kimchi, and bean sprouts. And if that isn’t enough, they also serve delicious soups, appetizers, and combo meals.

DAORE Korean Restaurant: 9332 34 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 433-0526


Hing Lung BBQ House

Take your meats prepared and ready to eat from Hing Lung or choose from a variety of frozen choices if you feel like being your own grill master. Among the frozen items available are AAA beef short rib, AAA sirloin tip, duck neck, ground chicken and pork, thinly sliced lamb, pork belly, and much more. But if you don’t feel like doing the grilling, allow Hing Lung to fill you up with their barbecued meats and steamed rice.

Hing Lung BBQ House: 9715 106 Ave NW

Phone: (780) 425-0283

Frick’n Chick’n – BBQ

This menu is simple: really good chicken, charbroiled to perfection. In Edmonton’s northeast, you can find some of the best chicken in town and order it to go with all the necessary chicken sides: coleslaw, grilled vegetables, garlic toast, and potatoes. They can also provide frick’n good dessert in the form of cheesecake or baklava.

Frick’n Chick’n – BBQ: 4351 167 Ave. NW

Phone: (780) 424-4256


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Local Butcher Shops

Real Deal Meats

You may want to plan your barbecue on a Saturday with Real Deal Meats. Each week, they smoke a different type of meat that is ready to take home and eat for your Saturday night barbecue. But other than their deliciously smoked Saturday special, you can also find a variety of cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, veal, elk, yak, bison and more. If you’d like to stock up for the summer, shop their Freezer Packs, loaded with a variety of different cuts and different meats.

Real Deal Meats: 2435 Ellwood Dr. SW

Phone: (780) 469-3325

Popowich Meat Company

You can fill up your freezer this summer through Popowich, a family-owned and -operated butcher shop on Edmonton’s west end. Choose from a wide variety of meats and cuts, as well as “ready to cook” items. Read to cook means the meats are spiced, marinated, and prepared in a variety of different ways, and it means all you need to do is light your grill.

Popowich Meat Company: 6853 170 St NW

Phone: (587) 462-8926

Al Madina Halal Meat & Deli

This north end deli and butcher shop is a perfect option for steaks, lamb cuts, and poultry. However, they can also provide a great variety for vegan grilling and barbecue. You can get everything else you’ll need for the rest of your feast with their selection of fresh produce, desserts and candy, and drinks.

Al Madina Halal Meat & Deli: 12611 153 Ave. NW

Phone: (780) 476-8866

Meuwly’s Artisan Food Market

Shop local for your next barbecue or outdoor get together. Meuwly’s is in a convenient central location in the Arts district and can sell you anything you might need for a great barbecue. For snacks and starters, try a DIY Charcuterie Kit, and for the grill: artisan sausages, free-range beef burgers, dry-cured bacon, pork chops, and hot dogs.

Meuwly’s Artisan Food Market: #101 10706 124 St. NW

Phone: (587) 786-3560


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MeatHead Inc

Give MeatHead a call to inquire about BBQ Packages but browse their website for a plethora of meats and cuts. You can serve a variety at your next barbecue with their hot dogs, smoked sausage rings, burgers, lamb, and sirloin. And choose from a variety of other accompaniments to add like sauces, side dishes, or seafood.

MeatHead Inc.: 7664 156 St. NW

Phone: (780) 994-6328

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