25 Parks to Enjoy a Picnic in and Around Vancouver

When you spend time in Vancouver, it isn’t challenging to understand why the province is fondly regarded as “beautiful British Columbia.” Across Metro Vancouver, many green spaces are enjoyed when the sun comes to play. Below are 25 of the best spots to sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious picnic in the charming parks of Vancouver.

Stanley Park


Stanley Park is a treasured 1,000-acre green space right in the heart of the city. With expansive green space, beaches, parks and even an outdoor pool, there are many spots to claim for a cute outdoor picnic. The sunsets are mesmerizing so perfect for a dinner picnic.

Almond Park

Nestled among the beautiful Kitsilano homes is the peaceful Almond Park. With tons of trees shading the green and even a park for the kids to run around, it’s an accessible park to bask in the sun without travelling far from home.

Address: 3600 W 12th Avenue

Dude Chilling Park

Did you know that the name of the park originated as a prank art installation back in 2012 by local artist Viktor Briestensky? It’s become such an inside joke and love with the locals, it’s just…stayed! Get in on the fun with a picnic at this expansive park in the Mount Pleasant region.

Address: 2300 block of Brunswick Street


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Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park is one the highest points of the city and with 130 acres to explore, makes for a dreamy picnic location. Enjoy the expansive views of the city, mountain and the luscious greenery and flowers dotted around the park.

Address: 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver

Crab Park

Crab Park is a lovely green space located near Gastown. Opt for a picnic here and you’ll be spoiled with the exciting views of Vancouver’ port where you can watch the boats, cruise ships and helicopters! Crab Park still feels very secretive, so don’t be surprised if you have most of it to yourself!

Address: 101 E Waterfront Rd, Vancouver

Memorial South Park

Memorial South Park has everything you need for a picnic including a washroom, and hence it is a gathering place for many in the city. There are playgrounds, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, cricket pitch, wading pool among its large list of facilities.

Address: 5955 Ross Street, Vancouver

Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Park

Dr. Sun – Yat Sen Park is the sister to the adjacent Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical gardens that you can happily enjoy completely free. Dig into tasty bites near the delightful weeping willow tree.

Address: 578 Carrall Street, Vancouver


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Spanish Banks

Locals love Spanish Banks! It’s a fantastic, expansive beach with glorious white sands but also expansive green space if you prefer that for your picnic. A picnic here will be action-packed with plenty to do like swimming, sunbathing, walking, frisbee, beach volleyball and more!

Volunteer Park


If you are seeking a quiet, private, beautiful picnic spot, head to Volunteer Park in Kitsilano. With unobstructed views of the ocean and mountains beyond, it’s a lovely green space not far from the beach and offers unbelievable sunsets.

Address: 2855 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver

Trimble Park/West Point Grey Park

Fancy a picnic with aside of tennis? Trimble Park is an ideal spot, with a public tennis court tucked in the West Grey neighbourhood and full of friendly residents and an awesome spot to dog spot!

Address: 2250 Trimble St, Vancouver

Creekside Park

Creekside Park is a great place to relax and take in the view. Creekside Park offers unrestricted views of the Science World, BC Place, and the glorious ocean. Accompany your picnic with a skateboard/scooter park, basketball courts, and playground. With plenty of green space, it’s a wonderful spot to enjoy the day.

Address: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver

John Hendry Park

John Hendry Park is more popularly known in the city as Trout Lake Park. This is due to its memorable lake, with the same name. In fact, between late May-early September, there is even a lifeguard on-site to ensure the swimming is safe. Further, BBQs are permitted on the site which is always a pretty cool way to elevate your picnic.

Address: 100 block East 19th Avenue, Vancouver

Maple Grove Park

Maple Grove Park is a relaxing option for a day with the family. With plenty of cascading trees and green space, it’s a good spot to chill with some delicious food. Nearby is Maple Grove pool, a sweet wading pool for those learning to enjoy the water!

Address: 6875 Yew St, Vancouver

Charleson Park

Nestled near the False Creek region of the city is Charleson Park. This lovely green space has remained under the radar so is a great option if you’re keen for some peace and quiet. With a skyline view of the city, it is also complemented by lush greenery, walking paths and even a waterfall!

Address: 999 Charleson Street, Vancouver


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Maclean Park

In the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver, one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, picnic-er can head to Maclean Park for a great green space with plenty of trees to shade you, a park to play in and a community garden to admire!

Address: 710 Keefer Street, Vancouver

Habitat Island

If you’re confused that you’ve never heard of Habitat Island, it’s probably because you know it commonly as beer island! When you’ve been to it or seen it, you immediately feel a part of some secret club. There is a huge sense of privacy despite it overlooking the sea and condos. It’s one of the best places to enjoy the glorious sunsets accompanied by your favourite nibbles.

Address:1616 Columbia street, Vancouver


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Riverfront Park

Just south of the city, comfortably out of all hustle and bustle is the lovely Riverfront park. Here you can pass the day watching the water and all of its exciting habitats and any boats passing by.

Address: 2750 East Kent Ave S, Vancouver

Connaught Park

Located in the lovely Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, Connaught Park is a charming spot in the city to picnic with loved ones. This popular spot is lined with beautiful trees and vibrantly colourful flowers throughout spring and summer. There is an indoor ice rink, sports fields, a playground and even a splash park for the little ones.

Address: 2390 W 10th Ave , Vancouver

Larry Berg Flight Path Park

Are you a fan of plane watching?! At Larry Berg, you can enjoy your picnic amongst the parks grassy greens while watching planes take off, as you will be right under the flight path. There are walking paths, picnic benches, paper aeroplane benches, a bike tune-up and more.

Address: Russ Baker Way, Richmond

Whytecliff Park


Whytecliff Park is located in West Vancouver near Horseshoe Bay and is certainly a special place in the city offerings memorable views of the Georgia Strait and Howe Sound. With expansive grassy green space, benches and a beach, your options for a picnic are endless!

Address: 7102 Marine Dr, West Vancouver

Hinge Park

Un-Hinge at this sunny spot enveloped by the surrounding buildings and wonderful views of Olympic Village. With its central spot, it’s a terrific spot to meet with friends or family after work and to catch the sunset.

Address: 215 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Pacific Spirt Park

Found amongst the UBC lands, the Pacific Spirit Park is a stunning place to go for a lovely walk in the expansive trails before ending up at the beach. Listen to waves crash, sunbath and dig into your well-earned picnic.

Address: 5495 Chancellor Blvd


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Panorama Park


Enjoy a true delight that North Vancouver has to offer: Panorama Park! Sitting along the bay, you can enjoy the beauty of Deep Cove. There are expansive areas of grass, benches and a cool park for kids. If the weathers good enough, you can pair your picnic with a swim, a kayak, or simply relax and watch the world go by.

Address: 2200 Panorama Dr, North Vancouver

The Glades Garden

Plan a visit to this beautiful colourful spot located in South Surrey. Here you can stop and smell the rhododendrons, azaleas and other pretty plants. The gardens stretch along 15 acres, which must be booked to enjoy throughout May – September. Admission is $7 per person to view the gardens.

Address: 457 172nd Street, Surrey


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Mahon Park

Mahon Park is a cherished spot in North Vancouver, beloved for its copious trails, well-maintained greenery and abundant amenities including a park, sports field and tennis courts, a running rack and even a water park if you need to cool down. Its a beautiful park and wonderful picnic spot

Address: North Vancouver

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