25 Take Out Restaurants in Edmonton

There’s nothing like a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home – especially when someone else did the cooking. No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, Edmonton has a restaurant offering take out options to satisfy that craving. Get a taste of just a few of what’s available below.

Southside Edmonton

1. Life Pasta (Italian)

Life Pizza has a menu that’s perfect for the whole family. They know that good food starts with good ingredients, so they start with the freshest and highest quality ingredients in the kitchen. Life’s tomato bruschetta mix is definitely a local favourite.
Address: 9238 Ellerslie Road
Phone: 780-466-0010

2. Chan Can Wok (Chinese)

Known as your “Asian experience on the go,” Chan Can Wok specializes in Cantonese and Szechwan dishes. Along with the traditional dishes you expect, they offer a wide array of vegetarian options. They offer a selection of combination meals, as well as discounts on take out orders – visit the website for details.
Address: 11150 Ellserlie Road
Phone: 780-969-9997

3. Kami Sushi (Sushi)

Credit: Kami Take Out Sushi

Ready for some of Edmonton’s best sushi? Kami has you covered. Try such dishes as Tobiko Nigiri sushi, Toro sashimi, or the always popular mango and avocado rolls. Spicy rolls, vegetarian rolls, soup, salad…they have it all. Save time and order online before going in to pick up your order.
Address: 2915 Ellwood Drive SW
Phone: 780-489-5949

4. Punjab Chaat House (Indian)

Now under new management, Punjab Chaat House offers delicious Indian food and chaat-pappri snacks for the whole family to enjoy both in restaurant and at home. Traditional recipes for butter chicken, lamb biryani, keema naan, mutter paneer, and much more will have you ordering more than planned just because you can’t decide.
Address: 1523 50 St
Phone: 780-249-6660

West End Edmonton

1. Namaste India (Indian)

Namaste India is the perfect blend of mom and pop diner and traditional Indian restaurant. They believe that attention to detail makes all the difference in a great meal, and it come across clearly in the fresh ingredients and delicious combinations. Call in your order to save time.
Address: 10070 163 St NW
Phone: 780-757-7550

2. Island Cafe & Bistro (Malaysian)

Credit: Island Cafe & Bistro

Island Cafe & Bistro serves up traditional and authentic Malaysian cuisine – and dishes with a Western twist. Mix things up with such options as laksa curry noodles, roti canai, nasi lemak, and many more for a dinner you won’t soon forget. Don’t forget that they’re closed on Mondays.
Address: 9923 170 St NW
Phone: 780-481-0884

3. Monty’s Pizza & Steakhouse (Pizza & Steakhouse)

Pizza? Burgers? Pasta? Steak? What more could you need for feel-good comfort food? Monty’s has it all, easily making it a neighbourhood favourite. Plus, they have daily specials for take out orders, such as 25% pizzas on Mondays and 25% pasta on Tuesdays.
Address: 1027 Potter Greens Dr
Phone: 780-443-1010

4. Donair Station (Mediterranean)

Donair Station will soon be your favourite for “mouth-watering Mediterranean fare.” Choose from chicken shwarma, chicken souvlaki, falafel, and – obviously – donairs. All meat is prepared Halal style, making it easy to stick within dietary requirements.
Address: 17234 95 Ave NW
Phone: 780-489-5464

Edmonton Northside

1. Punjab Platter (Indian)

Punjab Platter knows the flavour and variety of Indian food is a big draw, so they make sure each plate brings that to the table. They may be most well-known for the tandoori options, but it’s tempting to taste your way through the menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Order online for fast pick up.
Address: 13835 42 Street NW
Phone: 587-521-8820

2. Shumka Ukrainian Foods (Ukranian)

Shumka has been providing Edmontonians with traditional Ukrainian food since 1975 – and there is no end in sight. With a focus on quality ingredients and consistent integrity, the menu is diverse and full of delicious options. Choose your main and then choose as many additional options to customize your order.
Address: 16520 95 St NW
Phone: 780-475-4666

3. Sahara Palace (Lebanese)

Credit: Sahara Palace

Award-winning chef Chadi Zeitouni has prepared a menu full of fine cuisine where traditional meets modern. Plan your mezza (courses) so you end up with a variety of hot and cold dishes for a complete meal. Check out the full menu and order online for ease, especially if you’re not familiar with the food.
Address: 1087 Castle Downs Rd NW
Phone: 780-371-1113

4. The Thirsty Rhino (Pub fare)

When you’re the mood for classic pub food, take out from The Thirsty Rhino is the obvious choice. Try the local favourites, such as the Rhino burger, chicken bacon ranch sandwich, and Rhino tacos. You won’t be disappointed. Plus, they’re open late, so it’s perfect for late night cravings.
Address: 9104 179 Ave NW
Phone: 780-496-7795

East Edmonton

1. Szechuan Sweet Mango (Chinese)

Formerly called Szechuan Chinese Stir Fry, Sweet Mango is a good choice for Chinese foot on the go. They focus on fresh ingredients and a variety in taste, keeping things modern and exciting in Chinese dining. Look through the menu for both traditional dishes and those with a new twist.
Address: 9120 82 Ave NW
Phone: 780-433-7070

2. Simply Donair (Donair)

Simply Donair does donairs – and the do them well. So well, you’ll be back again and again for a fast and delicious meal on the go. They’ll make them with all the topics you choose, so it’s exactly the donair you’re craving, from the meat to the toppings to the sauce drizzled on top.
Address: 9004 50 Street
Phone: 780-469-1223

3. Dallas Pizza & Steakhouse (Pizza & steakhouse)

Dallas is a neighbourhood staple, so join the locals for their favourite take out destination. Pizza, pasta, subs, steak, burgers, and more are all on the menu. Visit their website for the take out menu and order ahead to have it ready when you arrive.
Address: 7834 106 Ave
Phone: 780-466-1112

4. Anvil Coffee House (Soup & Sandwiches)

Credit: Anvil Coffee House

This locally-owned and operated coffee shop serves up Chronicle Coffee Roaster beans and freshly-made soup, sandwiches, and baked goods from its spot tucked away in Ottewell Plaza. It all adds up to the perfect pairing. They offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.
Address: 6148 90 Avenue
Phone: 780-250-5245

Downtown Edmonton

1. LovePizza (Pizza)


LovePizza loves pizza, so you know it’s going to be good. With signature pizzas made fresh in front of you, you’re sure to find a new favourite. Download the LovePizza app for mobile ordering and loyalty points. Consider trying my personal favourite: City Market.
Address: 10196 109 Street
Phone: 587-520-9734

2. Bua Thai Restaurant (Thai)

Thai food, cooked to perfection so delicious you won’t soon forget how good it was. Especially when you’re enjoying it from the comfort of your own home with take out. From Thai barbeque chicken to banana leaf wrapped halibut, their unique twist on traditional dishes has quickly helped them make a name for themselves on the downtown food scene.
Address: 10049 113 Street NW
Phone: 780-482-2277

3. Grandin Fish ‘n’ Chips (Fish & chips)

Grandin Fish ‘n’ Chips is famous for their “prairie interpretation” on the classic dish. They use quality, sustainable and health-conscious seafood options for the chippie staple. Plus, they go beyond with shrimp tacos, oysters, scallop burger, lobster grilled cheese, and more. Take out available seven days a week!
Address: 9902 109 St
Phone: 780-250-3474

4. Blue Orchid

Well-known and award-winning Blue Orchid offers modern and unique twists on classic recipes for a meal you will be coming back for again and again. They’ve become a staple in downtown dining when it comes to Chinese food. Note that they’re closed on Tuesdays, but make sure you make the time to take home their food any other day of the week.
Address: 11235 Jasper Ave
Phone: 780-761-1235

5. District Cafe & Bistro (Sandwiches)

District Cafe & Bistro is perfect for grabbing a light bite on the go without sacrificing on taste and value. They work closely with local farmers and producers to get fresh ingredients for each dish they make. from a freshly-baked cookie to a filling sandwich, they’ve got you covered for lunch or breakfast.
Address: 10011 109 Street NW
Phone: 780-705-7788

Old Strathcona

1. Pho Boy (Vietnamese)

Credit: Pho Boy

Find authentic pho and Vietnamese street food that will have you coming back again and again at Whyte Ave’s Pho Boy. They have vegetarian, gluten-free, and MSG-free options to make it easy to find something that works with your dietary preferences. Check out the menu online for all the details on the dishes they offer.
Address: 10037B 82 Ave NW
Phone: 587-521-2444

2. Frickin’ Delights Donuts (Vegetarian/Dessert)

Frickin’ Delights opened first in Devon, but their new location in Edmonton has quickly made an impact on the city. Not only can you get delicious vegan donuts, with a flavour selection that changes up week to week, but you can also get a selection of food for your main meal before (or after!) you enjoy dessert. Perfect for picking up a dozen treats on the go.
Address: 8011 102 St NW

3. Checkers Pizza & Kebab (Pizza & Kebab)

Checkers has been serving up great food in Edmonton for over 10 years. They built their reputation on pizza, but built up the menu to include wings, donairs, lasagna, wraps, and more. They even offer frozen pizzas to take home to bake. Check out the website for daily deals and combos.
Address: 10658 82 Ave
Phone: 780-989-2882

4. Dorinku (Sushi)

Late-night sushi craving? Good thing that Dorinku has you covered. They bring a taste of Tokyo to Whyte Ave with Japanese street food served up from the long open kitchen along the side of the restaurant. Get sushi on the go with their take out options.
Address: 10205 82 Ave NW
Phone: 780-988-9760

By: Sarah Chestnutt
Sarah Chestnutt is a freelance writer and editor, working in the field for over 10 years. She calls Edmonton, home and loves to share its stories.


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