Canada’s Zoos and Aquariums Seek Financial Help to Feed Animals or To Save From Permanent Closure

Family Day weekend at the Vancouver AquariumSome of Canada’s famous zoos are asking for financial help and donations to keep food on its animals’ plates while they remain closed due to COVID−19. Vancouver Aquarium has said that it is at the risk of permanent closure. Unlike other organisations, zoos cannot layoff staff as they are required to care for animals.


Vancouver Aquarium is home to over 70,000 animals – from the jellyfish, to the frogs, to rescued otters. Vancouver Aquarium said that the aquarium might permanently close in two months it does not get at least $1 million a month in immediate financial support. The aquarium has set up a donation page and is also urging Canadians to write to their MPs urging them to help the aquarium.

The world’s third-largest zoo, the Toronto Zoo said that it relies on parking and admission fees to feed its 5,000 animals at a cost of roughly $1 million per year. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the closure of the Toronto Zoo on March 14th, has brought an immediate and critical initiative to the forefront for the Wildlife Conservancy.

To make up for lost revenue, the Toronto Zoo is fundraising with the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy, which was established last year and typically focuses its efforts on protecting endangered species. The Wildlife Conservancy has launched theZoo Food for Life campaign to raise funds to offset these lost revenues.

The Calgary Zoo is also asking for donations to help care for its animals. The zoo typically needs half a million dollars each month.

Manitoba’s Assiniboine Park Conservancy who is responsible for Assiniboine Zoo also has set up a page for donations.

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