Supper In the Orchard

August 22, 2020

October 10, 2020

$70 per person

Over the Hill Orchards and Winery, Lumsden


Events Description


We have partnered with the Culinary Federation of Regina, to hold suppers here in the orchard! Starting July 17th until Thanksgiving a different local chef will create a multi-course supper using mainly ingredients from local farms and our orchard.

Most of the proceeds goes back to the Culinary Federation which sends their members to locations around the world for training and for competitions.

What happens at the Supper?

Doors open at 5:30, and supper begins at 6:30. We start you off on our outdoor patio(weather permitting) where you can enjoy a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage, and enjoy the outdoors and beautiful view of the valley. 20 minutes before the supper begins, we bring you into the winery and take you to your assigned seats. Once everyone is seated, Dean and Sylvia introduce themselves, briefly discuss the history of the orchard, and introduce the chef(s) for the evening. The chef(s) discuss what is on the menu, and proceed with serving the 1st course. After finishing the 2nd course, Dean takes you on a approx 30 minute tour of the orchard(weather permitting) to show many of the fruits we grow, and unique ways we grow them.

How long is the evening?

Typically the evening ends around 8:30-9:00pm, depending on whether a tour occurred, and the number of customers attending.


Tickets : The Supper costs $70/person.

Individual glasses of wine(5 oz glass) is $6, and non-alcoholic beverages (Cherry Spritzer/Coffee) are available for $3.50. Our wine pairing option(Each course is paired with 2oz of one of our wines) is $25.

There is a $40/person cancellation fee.

How to get tickets?

Buy online


Date: Chef Kelsey Provost | August 22

Chef Amber Colbourne | August 28

Chef Tim Davies| August 29

Chef Chris Torjusen – Aug 30

Greg Reid| September 4

Chef Joel Williams| September 5

Chef Marianna Brito| September 18

Stacey Hunter| September 19

Chef Amber Colbourne| September 25

Chef Kelsey Provost | September 26

Greg Reid | October Oct 3

Chef Kelsey Provost | October Oct 4

Chef Marianna Brito | October 9

Andrea Robichaud | October 10

Venue & Address

Over the Hill Orchards and Winery, Lumsden

Turn off to Wascana Trails

What has changed due to Covid?

Our staff will be wearing face masks whenever we will be in close contact with customers, such as serving plates. We have hand sanitizer on hand for our customers to use, and we will be sanitizing surfaces regularly throughout the event.

Customer groups will be seated apart from other groups, which has reduced our seating capacity from 56 to approximately 44. If all of our groups were of 2 people, we would only be able to host a supper for 22 customers, and at this limited size the chef would not be able to make a profit for the evening so it makes it not financially feasible. On the other hand, if all of our customers came in groups of multiples of 4, we could seat 44 people. We completely understand how having only seating for groups of 4 is very, very limiting, but until distancing regulations change, this is the only way that we can see it to be viable. We will have a couple of tables that will be set aside for groups of 2. There may be some “wiggle room” for us to make some adjustments, so if you have a group size that is not in multiples of 4, you can give Sylvia a call (306)535-1278 and we will do everything in our power to make things happen.

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