Dive Into the World of Anne of Green Gables Through “Anne & Maud” This Summer in Durham


Pickering Museum Village

This year you have the unique and wonderful opportunity to dive into the world of your favourite childhood novel character, Anne of Green Gables and her creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery. This once-in-a-lifetime experience allows you to learn all about your favourite freckled, redhead and explore parts of the book while walking around Pickering Museum Village—the set of several Anne productions for almost 40 years and around the Durham Region.

The entire Anne of Green Gables experience includes the Pickering Museum Village, Leaskdale Manse National Historic Site, and Blue Heron Books.


The Leaskdale Manse National Historic Site was the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Here, she wrote 10 novels out of which 5 were books on Anne. The author lived here from 1911 to 1926 with her family. The site that has been restored to a 1917 period is open for tours and a tea experience. As part of “The Anne and Maud Experience”, join for Leaskdale Manse Tour and Tea. This experience is for kids too with their new Cavendish Cat and fun ice cream-making activities.

This tour will begin on June 3rd, 2021 and is open by appointment only. The experience with tea costs $12, per person and without tea costs $7.

After your Leaskdale Manse National Historic Site visit, get tickets for “The Anne Experience” at the Pickering Museum Village. This begins from July 3rd, 2021 and includes a “behind-the-camera tour of Pickering Museum Village”, where you’ll get to learn about Lucy Maud Montgomery and how they transformed the museum into the set for many productions. You can explore the historic fashion world and houses of Anne’s time and learn about some of her favourite memories.

Enjoy delicious lunch which includes egg salad and turkey and cheese sandwiches, tasty scones with cream and jam and mouthwatering cookies served with tea and drinks.

This 2.5 hour tour requires registration in advance and costs $40 plus tax, per person.


From July to November, you can also join for the Anne in Pickering walking tour at the Pickering Museum Village. In this 45-minute walking tour with Anne, you’ll explore the book and screen adaptations of Anne like never before. You will learn more about film adoption, life on the farm and views on education for women like Anne. The cost of this tour per group of 9 people is $60 plus tax.

To enhance your “Anne and Maud Experience”, visit head over to Blue Heron books (62 Brock St W, Uxbridge) that was established in 1989. Lucy Maud Montgomery belonged to the Hypatia book club which is one of 27 book clubs at Blue Heron Books.

End your trip with delicious brewed and espresso-based coffee, tea and chocolates at the Open Studio Art Cafe.

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