Easter Brunch, Chocolates and Baskets Delivery in Regina


Credit: Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut

Easter is just around the corner! And, what’s Easter without chocolate bunnies, baskets, and brunch? Don’t let the temporary closure of many local businesses put a damper on your holiday. Check out the options below for delivery options on treats and dishes for your Easter.

Easter Chocolates

Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut

Services: Easter treats – bunnies, eggs, and more.

Website/Phone Number: 306-551-8911

Limits: Outside-the-door pickup every day Noon to 4 pm.

Wascana Flower Shoppe

Services: Easter baskets, Table Centre, eggs, chocolates, floral selections, DIY kit and more.

Website/Phone Number: (306) 522-5243

Drive-thru, Delivery

Easter Brunch & Dinner

Fireside Bistro

Service: Family Turkey/Ham Dinner.

Website/Phone number: 306-761-2305

Limits: Easter dinner menu for pick up April 11- 13. Allow a minimum of a days notice per order.

Easter Cakes/Cookies

Fresh Carnival

Services: Donuts, White Chocolate Berry, Mini Egg, Mini Egg apples

Website/Phone Number: 306-584-2233

Tangerine: the food bar

Services: Mini Egg Cookie Cake

Website/Phone Number: 306-522-3500/ Text 306-541-5676


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