Experience Terrifying Haunts & Creepy Dinner at Scarehouse Windsor This Halloween

The spookiest of attractions are waiting for you at Scarehouse Windsor.

The Scarehouse has four, never seen before, spine-chilling horrors all in one place for 2021 Halloween.

From crazy, ‘zombies and frightening nightmares‘ locked behind doors to horrors lurking in the dark, they have everything that can possibly scare you out of your mind.


Scarehouse Windsor

The Haunted Darkness is a terrifying lights-out experience that will make you never want to be alone in the dark again. You will have to navigate your way through the vast and frightful darkness never knowing what surrounds you or is who is following you.

At the Scared Evil Haunted House, you have been assigned the task to save innocent lives by entering the haunted house. The Zombie Maze in a massive warehouse is filled with zombies who hungrily await their next meal a.k.a you.


You can also join Scarehouse Windsor located at 1441 Mcdougall Street for a unique dinner before you set foot into the other horrors that await you. There are four themed dining experiences: Miss Fortune, Mad as a Hatter, Cursed Manor and Cabin in the Woods. This immersive dining experience with spooky lights and props is fun, delicious and scary. It includes a multi-course menu with many mouthwatering options.

Scarehouse Windsor

What: Explore creepy Halloween haunts and have a ‘Cursed Dinner’ experience.

When: September 17 to October 31, 2021

Where: 1441 McDougal Ave, Windsor

How Much:

Halloween Haunts: $20 to $50

Dinner: The tickets cost $125 per person. The tickets also grant you VIP fast pass access to the other attractions at the Scarehouse.
All tickets can be purchased online and many packages are available that include two or more of these attractions, so hurry up and add the Scarehouse Windsor to your Halloween bucket list.

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