Five Juice Bars in Calgary You Should Try At Least Once


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Calgary’s hot summer days this year call for something cold, something hearty, and something different to drink. There are a handful of juice and smoothie bars around Calgary that can quench your thirst for something cold on these summer days with refreshing drinks or smoothies, with some having full food menus, too.

Frutta Gala


The focus at Frutta Gala is fruit of all kinds! In addition to a menu of delicious smoothies, Frutta Gala create a sweet selection of desserts too. Your smoothie can come made with milk, or dairy free with water, almond milk, or coconut water, and with a huge variety of fruits: peaches, guava, pomegranate, lychee, passion fruit, mango, and many others!

Frutta Gala: 110 2 Ave. SE, Calgary


Spark Health

Spark offers a wide range of bottled juices made here in Calgary but can deliver Canada-wide. Their colourful line of juices include sweeter and fruitier selections like The Beach Babe or Casanova; super green juices like The Ringleader or the Fresh Prince; and a variety of other flavours infused with ingredients like agave, ginger, or lemon.

Spark Health: #102 108 3 Ave. SW, Calgary

TG Juice Bar & Breakfast

The freshly whipped-up juices from TG pair great with their huge selection of authentic Ethiopian dishes that you can order for pickup or delivery. The juices are come as make-your-own with starter bases like date milk, avocado, spinach, or milk. From there you can add whatever fruits they have on hand for the day like kiwis, watermelon, mango, grapes, and more.

TG Juice Bar & Breakfast: 3513 17 Ave. SE, Calgary


Juice Planet

What makes fruit juice better? The addition of sugarcane to sweeten! Juice Planet’s sugarcane juices are blended with tasty fruits like mangos, oranges, kiwis, pineapple, and much more. They often receive special orders of fruits and vegetables that are harder to find for sale in Alberta so with Juice Planet, you might be able to try something totally new.

Juice Planet: #706 5075 Falconridge Blvd NE, Calgary


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Jusu Bar

The cold-pressed juices from Jusu are created with a special High Pressure Processing technique which enables them to keep for longer- so enjoy these flavours in bulk! Their fruit and vegetable juices offer servings of leafy greens, colourful fruits, nutrient-packed vegetables, and simple flavour additions like turmeric, lemon, or ginger.

Jusu Bar: 225 6 Ave. SW, Calgary

Oasis Juice & Nutrition Bar

This downtown juice bar is a great place to stop for a snack or lunch with their selection of all-day breakfast, salads, bowls, wraps, and sandwiches. Their meals would not be complete without an order from their “Juice Pharmacy” with its selection of fruity, nutty, and sweet juices. For something colder and a bit more filling, Oasis also serve six different types of smoothies.

Oasis Juice & Nutrition Bar: 1012 1 St. SW, Calgary

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