Going Camping? Alberta Parks’ Online Campsite Reservations to Open in March


Credit: Alberta Parks

Online camping reservations for Alberta Parks for 2020 summer season will open on March 10 for comfort camping, March 17 for individual campsites and March 24 for group camping.

Changes in 2020

  • Starting this year, online reservations will be available 365 days, allowing for consistent and easy access to year-round Alberta Parks’ camping reservations.
  • Alberta Government has 164 of its 473 sites identified for removal from Alberta Parks land base. Sites identified are mainly small and under-utilized provincial recreation areas that would become vacant public land.
  • Additional changes to support a more effective and efficient parks system include closing or partially closing 20 sites this year and increasing camping service fees.
  • The base camping rate at most campgrounds will rise by $3 and rates for power, water, sewers and showers will increase by $1 where services are available. Service fees in provincial campgrounds have not increased since 2016.
    • Increase of $3 on the base camping rate at most Alberta Parks campgrounds.
    • A $1 increase for each applicable service fee related to power, water, sewers and showers (where those services are provided).
    • A $1 increase to equestrian corral fees at backcountry sites Kananaskis Region.
    • A $10 increase for sites that were at the low end of the fee range charged for comfort camping and group camping.
  • Access to provincial parks and day use areas remains free.
  • To reduce operational costs this year, Barrier Lake and Elbow Valley visitor centres in the Kananaskis region will be closed.
  • Shortened operating seasons will also be implemented in some provincial campgrounds.
  • Alberta Parks will retain 310 of its sites.


  1. To make an online reservation, set up an account or update your existing account in advance of the reservation days, visit Reserve.AlbertaParks.ca.
  2. Contact Centre: 1-877-537-2757 (Toll-free in North America): The Contact Centre can make, change and cancel reservations for individual campsites, group camping areas and comfort camping included on Reserve.AlbertaParks.ca.
  3. This year, campers will get an email reminder of cancellation windows, advisory updates and information about events and activities in their park seven to 15 days in advance of their booking.
  4. Payment methods have expanded to include Visa and MasterCard debit cards.
  5. Backcountry reservations are campground-specific only, not site-specific, meaning people who book into the campgrounds can select a vacant site upon arrival.

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  • Online reservations open March 10 for comfort camping, March 17 for individual campsites and March 24 for group camping at 9:00 a.m.
  • Individual online campsite bookings March 17 are staggered by region.
    • 9 a.m. south region
    • 11 a.m. Kananaskis region
    • 1 p.m. Central region
    • 3 p.m. north region

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