Learn & Play Crockicurl this Winter

Learn & Play Crockicurl this winter

Credit: The Forks

Head to Forks in Winnipeg and play a game of crockicurl, a Manitoban-made game which combines two Canadian favourites: curling and crokinole.

Crokicurl is a relatively new ice game that combines elements of curling and the board game crokinole.

Crokinole, a game similar to carroms or marbles, is played by players take turns shooting discs across the circular board, trying to have their discs land in the higher-scoring regions of the board.

If you have not heard about crokinole, watch this video:

Did you know that the earliest known crokinole board was made by craftsman Eckhardt Wettlaufer in 1876 in Perth County, Ontario.

In crokicurl, the life sized version that combines curling into crokinole, the game is played with two teams, each composed of 2-4 players.

Credit: The Forks

The players shoot their rocks (curling rock) by firmly sliding a rock onto the playing surface. The aim is to get the rock successfully into the button located in the centre of the field to get maximum points of 20. The opposing players should aim to remove the an opponent rock from the playing surface at the same time trying land their rocks closer to the button just like curling. See all rules here.

So gather your friends and get to Forks for Crokispeil of a time! Don’t forget to treat your friends to a round of drinks from The Common, if you lose!


WHEN: Winter Season

WHERE: Crockicurl Field, The Forks, Manitoba

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