Local Grocery Delivery Options in Halifax

imageWith the COVID-19 pandemic going on, social distancing is the most responsible thing everyone can do. With many businesses closing that’s reasonably simple to do, but groceries remain an important service for everyone. In order to minimize the crowds, use home grocery delivery options for your family’s needs. The following stores and businesses offer home delivery, giving you an easy way to keep healthy and happy.

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Couryah is a Halifax based delivery service that isn’t just affiliated with one store. You put in your order for one of the over 4,000 products they will pick up, and then they go to whatever stores necessary to fulfill the order. This means that you can simply request what you need and you don’t have to look for a specific store close to you. Details
Fees: 2.99$ during peak hours (11AM-9PM)
Limits: Currently just peninsular Halifax, but they are expanding to Dartmouth and the rest of the HRM.

Kitchen Door Catering

Kitchen Door is a little bit different than the other places on this list because they don’t deliver groceries; they deliver meals from a wide variety of cuisines. You can choose to get meals for 2 or 4 people, once or twice a week, and they are brought to your door fully prepared. They usually drop them off between 11 and 4, so they ask that you leave a cooler outside with an ice pack. If you don’t have one, not to worry; they will leave it in a thermal bag, which they will charge you 5.75$ for and they will pick it up the next time they swing by. Details

Fees (besides potential thermal bag charge): 4$ delivery in Dartmouth, 6$ delivery in Halifax, 8$ for the rest of the HRM.
Limits: Deliveries are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Instacart is an online grocery delivery service that performs deliveries for various stores. The following four are options in Halifax that provide food and other household supplies.
Limits: The general limits Instacart applies to all locations include no appliances or electronics, and no age-restricted products like cigarettes or lottery tickets.
Fees: Varies from order size, usually between $3.99-$7.99. However, if you have an Instacart Express account fees will be waived for orders over 35$.

Atlantic Superstore

Atlantic Superstore offers the vast majority of their in-store food and household products through Instacart. You can collect PC points on these deliveries, which means you’re earning free groceries at the same time. Due to the COVID-19, the fees for home delivery have been reduced, still in relation to the size of your order.

Bulk Barn
Bulk Barn offers candy, snacks, pantry staples, personal care items, and even pet food. This variety allows you to meet the 10$ cart minimum easily. They also sell sustainable living products, so it’s a great time to start transitioning into using reusable containers. That way when you go in person, you can simply bring your containers with you.

Walmart is the colossus of department stores, and Instacart reflects those offerings. You can get groceries, baby products like diapers, crafts & hobby supplies and even stuff for your car.

Wholesale Club
Wholsale Club is similar to Costco in that it’s a member’s bulk club, but its focus is mainly on restaurants and convenience stores. You can still buy items in bulk for your family (it works really well for larger families or friend groups splitting an order), and you can get over-the-counter medications and cleaning supplies in bulk for the long haul (or spring cleaning, because if you’re at home most of the time, why not make the most of it and turn your home into a clean paradise?)

Costco Grocery

If you’re a Costco member, this is a great offer to take advantage of. Costco’s 2-day home delivery includes non-perishable food and household supplies, as well as anything marked 2-day delivery (which is a pretty big list). Like Wholesale Club, this is a great option if you’ve got a large group of people you’re shopping for, and with the wide selection at Costco, you’re sure to find everything you could need or want at reasonable prices.

Fees: 3$ surcharge for orders under 75$
Limits: Items must be eligible for 2-day delivery; this is marked clearly on the site.

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