Road Tests For Ontario Driver’s License Will Resume Starting June 14th

Ontario has announced that in-vehicle passenger road tests will resume starting Monday, June 14, 2021.

The province says it will be hiring 167 additional driver examiners while introducing extended hours for in-vehicle passenger road tests (class G1/G2) to address the backlog of road tests resulting from COVID-19 restrictions.


The province says road tests will be held on Saturdays and Sundays at locations where the demand is highest.

DriveTest, will be open six temporary locations in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area to conduct passenger road tests seven days a week in areas starting in September 2021.

All road tests will be available by appointment only.

According to the news release, all those who are taking the test will be required to wear face masks inside centres and during road tests, sanitize their hands, complete the Patron/customer screening developed by the province and share their “passed” results prior to road test or admittance to the centre. Road test applicants may also be required to provide a contact phone number should contact tracing be required. They also will have to keep vehicle windows open to ensure proper airflow.



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